Barncast 118 — Seed planter

  • Intro
  • Farm Phone 206-202-GOAT
    • Call 1 – squirrel & raccoon problems in garden
    • Matt in Ohio – sparrows in barn, turkeys & chickens together – protozoan disease (blackhead)
    • How do we get along?
    • Ellen – coated fleece rant!
  • Round-Up
    • Numbers
    • Baby, Molly
    • Rabbits
    • Tilling & planting
    • Morel Mushrooms
  • Farm – Seed Planter
    • Earthway planter purchased from Lehman’s
    • 11 different plates (comes with 5, 6 optional)
    • Benefits:
    • Adjustable seed depth, row width. Plate controls how far apart each seed is dropped.
    • Cut the time to plant the garden by something like 90%, and no sore back after!
    • Negatives
    • Need to till the soil
    • Must be relatively flat
    • Twigs, sticks may be caught in it as you are going through the soil
    • Need a good amount of seed, may not work on small sampler packs
    • Loss at the end of row, very short rows don’t work well
    • Conclusion – We love it so far, waiting to see how germination is!
  1. Laura’s avatar

    I was wondering if you could email me the names of the knitting reference book by Maggie Orgetti you mentioned in podcast 117? I can’t seem to get the spelling right, and google is making good enough guesses either. Thanks!


  2. misty’s avatar

    It’s Maggie Righetti. :) Here is her most popular book, Knitting in Plain English. :)


  3. Warren’s avatar

    I have an older version of that planter and I love it. It suffers from the same issues you mention but it makes everything a lot easier! There are a few like mine on ebay right now for pretty low prices too.


  4. andrew’s avatar

    Thanks Warren, that would have been much smarter! Oh well!

    Here’s a link to all of them on ebay.


  5. Chris’s avatar

    Hi Misty & Andrew
    Really enjoy your podcasts! Thanks for taking the time to do them :)
    Wondering if you heard about the goat here in Iowa that gave birth to Quintuplets? Ouch
    Have a great week!



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