Barncast 117 — Working with Milk

Welcome to a new episode. In the show this week:

  • Farm Phone
    • Kirsten on milking goats on pasture
    • Small Farmers Journal and horse farming
    • Libby – herding
    • Rick – Houston – email address & wife
    • Kirsten – interested in philosophical part of show
  • Round-Up
  • Farm – Milk Processing
    • Immediate processing
    • Pasteurizing
    • More processing
    • Cream
    • Cheese
    • Yogurt / Kefir

Make sure to call the farm phone 206-202-GOAT!

  1. Jeannine from Pittsburgh’s avatar

    Hi MIsty and Andrew,

    Great show! I’m still tearing up over Rick’s call, and after visiting his web site. Rick, our hearts go out to you, and I hope that your journey across America will be a healing one, and also an adventure that you and your wife can still share in a way. I believe that those who share our lives are always with us in some way, so I’m sure your beloved wife will be right there with you, every mile! I’ll be following your story!

    On a much lighter note, there’s a web site that you and your readers might get a kick out of. It’s the 4H Egg Cam. I watched grey slate turkeys hatching yesterday, and today there are chickens hatching. The link is

    Caution, it’s very addictive!



  2. andrew’s avatar

    Awesome URL, thanks Jeannine!!


  3. Joy’s avatar

    Hi Andrew, Hi Misty! we are planning on being up in your neck of the woods the weekend of May 24th, would it be possible to drop in for a visit? we will know by then whether or not we will be purchasing a house on 4 1/2 acres here in Kentucky, and we would like to have a couple of sheep and a goat or two as well as some chickens and maybe a turkey. and my crazy husband wants an emu, but I’ll be dipped if I can figure out why!
    Anyway, been listening to you for a long time, and love the show!


  4. misty’s avatar

    An emu??? Aren’t they mean?

    You are welcome any time. Be aware that we are in NORTHERN Indiana, pretty far from Kentucky. :) Email at and we will arrange it offline.



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