Barncast 113 — Farm Phone Special

We haven’t had a listener call in show since barncast 95, and we had 5 great calls into the farm phone, 206-202-GOAT. This week we discuss:

  • Weather, it’s spring?
  • Sustainable living and horses
  • Cheese waxing
  • Lehman’s store
  • Nose to tail eating
  • Fiber and wool
  • Florida, and the spring planting

Misty’s flikr can be found here. And she has some great pictures:

  1. Eric’s avatar

    Love the podcast! Just listened to the latest installment and wanted to post my Wii number – 1808.2790.8996.6945

    I’m from bolivar, ohio, which is just outside of amish country. Within the next year I hope to buy my own small farm, so I find your stories and information very relevant and entertaining. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Jeannine Navratil’s avatar

    Hi Misty and Andrew,

    Just wanted to tell you in your comments that I love your podcast! Now that I’m caught up I miss listening to you guys on a daily basis. I’ll have to wait for the weekly broadcasts like everyone else. But at least I can get caught up on all my other NPR faves that I’ve let lapse, including On the Media–I try to listen live during my weekend workouts, as long as I’m up in time! Not having goats to milk I sometimes miss the early bits.)

    I really enjoyed your discussion a couple of episodes back about the practicalities of sustainable living and self-sufficiency. You’re absolutely right about self-sufficiency being rather impractical and inefficient. A small community of individuals with specialized skills is really the only truly sustainable way to go, and I think the Amish have that pretty well down pat. But even the Amish know when to seek outside expertise, in particular for some of the unique medical problems that have arisen in a closed community such as theirs. I work at the University of Pittsburgh that has a state-of-the-art transplant unit. Unfortunately there’s a disease that affects the Amish that requires liver transplants for affected children. I often see them if our cafeteria or in the hospital.

    Anyway, I’m so glad that you guys have kept up with your weekly podcasts. They are truly inspirational to folk like me who want to learn more of the real skills in life. Looking forward to your discussions about the results of your dehydration experiments! Keep up the good work!

    Jeannine (from Pittsburgh)

    P.S. Hope Tom the Beekeeper is doing well… haven’t heard from him lately. His contributions are always entertaining and informative. LOVED the chicken story! I also loved the pictures of him in Andrew’s plane. Not sure I’d have the courage to go up in that, especially with a bunch of bees! You’re a brave man Andrew!


  3. andrew’s avatar

    Thank Eric! When we got some online games we’ll plug that in. :)

    Hey Jeannie! Thanks for the comments they are wonderful! Any chance we could get you to call the farm phone (206-202-GOAT) that would be a great addition. I think we may start a section every few shows and solicit phone calls on topics similar to this where people can provide thoughts debate.

    Tom is doing well! We will have an email to the farm phone from him this week too!

    I’m sorry about the delay replying to your comments guys!



  4. Jeannine Navratil’s avatar

    Hi Andrew,

    I did call the farm phone–I’m the one who asked you to talk about the nose-to-tail eating. The farm phone is awesome–the only drawback is that I have to listen to my own voice. Ick! Anyway, I’ll certainly be calling again!

    Looking forward to hearing from Tom!



  5. Kirsten’s avatar

    Hi Misty and Andrew-

    After listening to the show, I went ahead and dipped my cheddar. It went well. I am really intersted in making havarti, but can’t find a recipe. Can you tell me your source or post the recipe. I sure would appreciate it!

    I keep forgetting to tell you that Tom’s chicken story almost caused me to crash my car. It was pouring rain and I was laughing so hard. I almost had to pull over.



  6. misty’s avatar

    Hi Jeanine, your voice was just fine. :) We appreciated your question and it generated a lot of discussion, on and off the show!

    Hi Kirsten, Andrew gets most of his cheese recipes from a couple books he has. I’ll ask him to come online and give you links to them. The Havarti is very good, but not as soft and creamy as the store-bought.

    I loved Tom’s story too. We can always use more stories from Tom!


  7. Niki’s avatar

    Hello guys! I have not caught up to these episodes yet, I am only on #16. But I seen you mention Lehmans store, I live about 20 minutes from there outside of Massillon Ohio. (And about 20 minutes from the guy above in Bolivar). I just wanted to say I love listening to you guys and I cant wait to catch up!


  8. andrew’s avatar

    Hi Niki! That’s a lot of listening, oh man! That’s cool that you’re out by Lehmans, we were trying to figure out how to get out that way last weekend. Looks like US-30 is the answer! Seems like a neat place we should really visit.



  9. Chris’s avatar

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