Barncast 110 — We’re back!

Well it’s been a heck of a trip, but after almost 4 weeks we have a fresh new podcast. This one is a little long, we have to make up for the last couple that were short. We have a pack of fresh new sounds from the barn thanks to Molly and Baby. I hope you enjoy this weeks show!

  1. Kate’s avatar

    Welcome back! Just a note, the last few podcasts Andrew’s volume has been MUCH lower than Misty’s. It’s made it very difficult for me to listen to. I’m using iTunes if that makes a difference.

    Farm Phone Rocks!

    Kate in KY


  2. misty’s avatar

    Hi Kate! Thanks for the feedback. We’ll try to sort it out before the next podcast. :)


  3. Joy Wandrey’s avatar

    Hey, glad you all had a good trip down under and got back safe and sound. While you were off galivanting around the world we were accomplishing our move from Texas to Kentucky. Right now we are in a temporary lodging situation but have made an offer on a house that’s got about .9 acre. Not a lot, certainly not enough to have a few sheep, but we can have some chickens and maybe a rabbit or three. We would like to have a good garden also, but won’t be in our house before May 30, so it will only be ornamental flowers this year. that gives us time to get settled in the house and fix up an issue or two that needs some attention there. I’m thinking of making raised beds, what do you all think? we will definitely be looking into the portable chicken fencing…sounds like a good solution for the small space we will have.
    Glad you all had a great time!


  4. andrew’s avatar

    Hi Joy! Congrats on the move!

    May 30th is about when we put plants in the garden here, I don’t see why you couldn’t plant a small garden if if you got plants?

    We’ve never done raised beds so I can’t comment on them. A lot of people really like them though. Linda in chicago has some great looking raised beds, so they do work well.

    Chicken tractors work great on a small amount of land. Let us know how it works out.



  5. misty’s avatar

    Hi Joy! Your new place sounds like it will be great. Fingers crossed that everything goes through! Moving states is a huge task.

    Like Andrew said, May 30 is only about one week later than people plant their gardens around here. In Kentucky you have an even longer growing season. Get some seedlings from a greenhouse and you will be on your way. Tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash seem to work well in almost any garden so give it a try! You can even plant some green beans. You’ll get at least a few meals’ worth before the summer is out. :)


  6. Joy Wandrey’s avatar

    that’s excellent news about the longer season here, I hope we can at least get some tomatoes and green beans, that would be excellent. I got online yesterday and ordered garden catalogs, and we have good farmers markets here, so they say, so I’m looking forward to a good season of fresh produce.
    keep up the shows and I’m one of those hard-core fans who went back and listened to most of the shows once I discovered you, but that was over a year ago…


  7. india’s avatar

    Hi guys

    Tuning back in to your weekly cast. Life has been really hectic here – settling in, finding a
    phobic-fiendly dentist, learning German, making friends. And eating cake. Zurich has many wonderful cafes – poor me, I hardly know which one to choose ;0)


  8. misty’s avatar

    I’m so happy to hear from you, India! What an adventure to be settling into a new country. Send some of that cake our way! :)


  9. andrew’s avatar

    India!!! Welcome back! We had the same problem in NZ and AU, every place has these great deserts. Life is so hard sometimes. hehe.



  10. Brianna Lee’s avatar

    small gardens are very cute and could be well managed easily. we have 2 small gardens at home.~”‘



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