Barncast 105 — Beer making, the easy way

This week show we take a look at making beer at home using beer kits. It’s really easy, and someone anyone can do. I have a video extra showing the actual process, I’ll get that up Monday night. In the show this week:

  • Travels and need for calls to the farm phone
  • Farm Phone: two great calls
  • Round Up: Bees. In February? Yup
  • Farm: Making beer

Make sure you call the farm phone, we need your questions and comments for when we’re away: 206-202-GOAT.

  1. Patricia’s avatar

    dear friends, im from torreon.coahuila, in mexico and i like your video but here in my country we havent this kits to make beer, could you please tell me the grains, kind of yeast, sugar, barley or whatever are the components to make it the rustic way or homemade way. please i thank you for this valuable information.


  2. Talithia’s avatar

    Video runs 1 minute and then stops!!!! Help would love to learn. Thanks Talithia



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