Delayed/canceled show this week

We were going to do the show this evening, but due to some car trouble it’s just not going to happen. Maybe we’ll do it tomorrow night, not sure. Either way we’ll be back next week.

Keep the calls coming to the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT!!


  1. Jeri’s avatar

    Hope the car gets better soon. And I hope we don’t have to wait until next week. I don’t think gfl has ever skipped a week.


  2. Ellen Bloomfield’s avatar

    Hi guys! You have made my day :) Don’t worry about not getting a show out, just take care of what you need to. And go over to my blog and check out the details ;)


  3. Linda in Chicago’s avatar

    I thought at first that my iTunes wasn’t working again. Then I check here and see you had some problems and didn’t podcast after all. Hope the car “gets better soon.” ;-)


  4. andrew’s avatar

    Thanks guys. Assuming these thunderstorms don’t fry anything we’re going to try and do a show tomorrow night. Hopefully with a little luck we’ll get her done.


  5. Lata’s avatar

    Before The Heart of a Lonely Hunter’ This episode was most well loved by me. I hate weak man, so it was decilious to witness Archie man up!Archie Hopper/Jiminy is my favourite piece of character development so far in this season.I loved the crickets coming back at the end of the episode cricket chirrups is on my top favorite sounds list. Up there with the ocean lapping up on the shore and rain on the roof.Thanks for the show. Looking forward to listening to this podcast episode.Curious my icon look a bit like a cricket.



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