Barncast 101 — Making a good home for your livestock

I think you can tell the vacations are over, we had a lot of great calls to the Farm Phone, 206-202-GOAT. Ben even calls us from the Pennsylvania farm show and shares tales of maple syrup cotton candy and everything he sees there. In this weeks show:

  • Welcome to show 101
  • 3 great calls about Bonafide, spinning, soap and generators.
  • Round up: Really short
  • Farm: How to keep your animals in, and stuff you build in one piece

I hope everyone enjoys this weeks show!

  1. Sandra in Southern Ohio’s avatar

    Currently obsessed with the podcast, you guys.

    Misti, I just got back my mohair from Ohio Valley Natural Fibers. If you’re still interested in trading, I can offer 8 oz of natural (cream) 50/50 merino mohair roving. It’s my first time sending my fleece out for processing, and it came back with some vegetable matter. Not a lot, and it picks out easily, but I wanted to know if yours comes back really VM free and what the generally accepted norm is.

    Also, did you ever find/replace your orifice hook? I twisted one out of bare copper that I dug out of my electrical contractor husband’s scrap pile. Pop a bead on that sucker and it looks freaking artisan. Ha!

    Take care, and keep warm. This weekend’s supposed to be REALLY cold.


  2. Sandra in Southern Ohio’s avatar

    Sorry…that’s Misty with a “y” :)


  3. Sandra in Southern Ohio’s avatar

    Hi Misty, thanks for responding so quickly. An even 8 oz of Corrie would make me happy, too. my email address is listed in this comment form, so you can contact me there to exchange mailing addresses.

    I loved Ohio Valley, and named their operation because I recommend their services…I had an excellent experience! Kent gave us a detailed tour of their operation, and we spent several hours chatting. Hours. He shears for the Cincinnati Zoo, and gave me tips on shearing. I don’t mind a little VM but that seems to be the first thing spinners comment on. The skirting issue is a good point.

    I’ve only had my does since May. I chose Angoras because of the spinning possibilities and because I could also get a little milk if I bred them. Hazel & Myrtle are very sweet, so I raise them mostly for the enjoyment. It is a challenge to keep them clean…they constantly burrow their noses in the hay feeder, etc. I never heard of brushing them, which I can’t imagine they would stand for, to begin with.

    But I don’t think they’re particularly high maintenence. I worry a lot about the Strongyle, but evidently last summer was just a bad year for worms. I know you guys had a time of it, as well. Having the long coat, their backsides are slightly discolored. I thought it was the scours. Vet said they were fine, though…solid stools and no anemia. Just discoloration from urine and then dirt.

    I’m happy to sit for an interview, but I’m painfully new at this. I reckon we can chat, though:)


  4. Gunter in California’s avatar

    In a previous podcast you were talking about buckwheat and what to do with it. I don’t remember where I heard it, but the leaves(when young) work great in a mixed salad. Some flavor and great texture. Experimented with Amaranth(the grain plant). Not as good but o.k.

    Keep well




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