Barncast 100 — A Slippery Slope with Soap

Welcome to Barncast 100! Can you imagine, 100 shows about two geeks on a farm. I hope you enjoy this weeks show!

  • Show 100 special
  • Farm Phone: 206-202-GOAT. Tom calls in.
  • Round up: It’s winter, maybe?
  • Farm Section: Making Soap

Please give the farm phone a call this week, I didn’t even say the number in the show until the end, 206-202-GOAT.

  1. Warren’s avatar

    I have had to change the way I listen to you podcast…I can no longer just crank it up. Since I have to listen to it at a lower volume, I am having a hard time hearing your voice. Misty is loud and clear but I cannot hear you very well. Are you mic’ed differently? Just thought you should know…


  2. andrew’s avatar

    No problem Warren! I’ll boost my volume, that’s easy to do. Thanks for telling us! I hope every is going well in West by god Virginia.



  3. Valerie’s avatar

    congratulations on your 100th show!!


  4. Valerie’s avatar

    I thought I would let you both know about two websites I found. It is called where you can swap your craft items with other people. It does look like they have a lot of different rules when it comes to swapping, so not sure how much that is worth. But they have lots of different forums where you can talk to people who do spinning, cross stitch, quilting, make homemade soap, weaving, crocheting, etc. which I thought looked interesting. They even have a certain area just to talk to other people who sell their craft/art items.

    The second web site is
    which is about this women who works for a magazine and for a full year will recycle/reuse everything she already has a so she will not buy anything new (excluding food and basic things). Which I thought sounded interesting since she has kids and they will be sharing the experience with her. Hopefully it works out for her.


  5. India’s avatar


    Here we are in an airport hotel, (im)patiently waiting for our flight tomorrow. I can’t believe it has finally come around.
    I am about to download this episode to listen to on the flight tomorrow. Hopefully once we have internet connected up I’ll be able to keep up to date on what you’re up to.


  6. Martin’s avatar

    I just think that this idea that you have come up with is just great! It kind of sounds like the movie “Baby Boom” where the main character moves from the city to a smaller more rural area!

    I love the fact that you’re keeping a blog about this and that is why you see my comment here at your first blog post because I definitely want to start reading from the beginning!

    I also love the fact that you have a webcam – makes me think that I should put one to focus on my garden so that everyone can see how its coming along!

    I look forward to continue to read your blog!

    Now your podcasts may be a problem as I have dialup – but I’ll give it a try!



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