Barncast 99 — 2007 in review

We get back to basics this week as we do a review of 2007. We go through all 3 sections for the first time in a long time, Geek, Farm and Life all in one show.

Next weeks show is show 100, give us a call on the Farm Phone, 206-202-GOAT, and pass on your best wishes.

  1. Marsha’s avatar

    A quick word of warning on using glass windows, guys, for coldframes, or just about anywhere other than as their original intended use. Please tell the listeners. Learn from my starry eyed newbie mistakes.

    Consider this. Dog or goat jumps up onto cold frame from time to time. Something gets dropped on the glass. A big wind catches and slams it. CRASH! Window glass breaks and makes many many wicked shards. You’ll never feel comfortable putting hands or feet near that spot ever again, even after hours of picking and picking and cuting your hands. Critters can dig it and hurt themselves, or get glass in their feet. Instant silica Chernobyl.

    Safety glass shatters into sharp almost equally nasty stuff. (I have a horror story about a broken shower door that blew over in the wind that was intended to cover seedlings)… Try picking up safety glass, thousands of those little pieces. Duh on ME!

    Get good heavy duty clear contractor’s plastic in rolls, and/or use plexiglass. You’ll never have to be sorry.

    Marsha the MacMutant


  2. Justin Kaiser’s avatar

    This was the first year we had a smoked turkey and it was wonderful. Great hearing about your year in review.

    BTW, Podcamp Chicago is in June… still looking for a venue large enough… I’d still like your involvement. Let me know if you’re still interested.

    Also, who are you hosting with now? And why…




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