Barncast 98 — Christmas ’07

Well it’s a day late, but we’re on vacation, so what do you mean it’s Monday already?? The cleanup from the storm Sunday took up much of spare time, so we just did it today. In today’s show:

  • Weather
  • 3 great calls to the farm phone: 206-202-GOAT.
  • Headsokz is a brand:
  • Round up: Baby is coming down slowly, eggs, and cleanup
  • Farm Section: Meal for next year, and what’s new

Please call the farm phone this week, it’s normally quiet with all the vacation travel, so call!! 206-202-GOAT.

  1. India’s avatar

    Wishing you both a very merry Christmas and all the best for the year to come,


  2. andrew’s avatar

    Thank you India. I hope your moving is going well and you had a great christmas.



  3. India’s avatar

    We are currently oscillating between ‘AAARRRRGGHH!!!’ and stunned silence ;0)


  4. misty’s avatar

    Stunned silence??


  5. India’s avatar

    Yeh – you know, when you look at the crazy mess around you, and words just fail to encompass the enormity of it all…?


  6. Kerry’s avatar

    Hi, just found your podcast and enjoyed listening to the first 3. I remember reading the good life on kuro5in back in the day and am glad to see you still at it.




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