Barncast 97 — Through the grinder and back

Show notes to come tomorrow. This turned into a mess, be prepared for a new post, all the files here were messed up.

  1. john’s avatar

    File errors…
    The high quality mp3 suddenly ends at 14:21 min.
    The low quality download resulted in a 500 internal server error.

    Greetings from the Netherlands (no snow here but just freezing)


  2. andrew’s avatar

    Hi John,

    I’m uploading the show again and I’m going to do a new post for it. I went to do it last night and our hosting company vanished off the internet, but I had already set the post to go live. Since they were gone I couldn’t upload the right file and couldn’t stop the post going up.

    It should be fixed in a couple of hourse.



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