Barncast 97 — Through the grinder and back try #2

Due to our hosting company falling off of the internet at a particularly bad time last nigh the post went up with a very incomplete file, so here is try number 2. In this weeks show we have FOUR great farm phone calls. They take us to task, provide great info, and over all wonderful calls. In the show:

  • Weather, it’s winter what else?
  • Farm phone: 206-202-GOAT. 4 great calls
  • Round Up: Drying up Baby
  • Farm Section: Ground meat

Please make sure to leave a comment or drop us a line at 206-202-GOAT. I’ll try and get the Video Extra up early in the week.

  1. Valerie’s avatar

    Wishing you a Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas!!


  2. andrew’s avatar

    Thanks Valerie! I hope you have a great christmas!



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