Barncast 95 — Listener call in show!

Hey guys, it’s another great call in show. Like always we got 6 great questions. I’ll do more show notes tomorrow when I put the video extra online.

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    Hi guys, I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I thought you might be interested in this article on a recent study about the health benefits of honey.


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    I think that Misty was on the right track as far as Thanksgiving. I would say that the Puritans were more than fairly religious. I you really want more information about Thanksgiving read William Bradford notes at the site below. History is best heard from those who lived it not from you hear from others.

    Thanks for your interesting site and Podcast


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    HI guys. MacMutant here. I am not sure where to begin on helping to show how to start seeds. I’m short on time, so I’ll hit the high spots. Peppers are easy. No fear! Righto on the underneath heat, but WATER them from underneath (I water all my seedlings from underneath when I see ‘em getting dry. Really helps them not “damp off” (rotting)… soil in your starter cells should be POOR to encourage them to seek water (don’t keep ‘em soaked”) and to seek nutrients. Like people, right? Given too much too soon and they don’t survive well. You canl put a little liquid fertilizer in their water when they get bigger before you can transplant them. Newbies can use “seed starting medium” from the store. All that usually is, is ground peat and vermiculite -it is sterile so less fungus. Don’t use regular soil and DON’T for pete’s sake back garden dirt in your good oven like someone told me once, to sterilize it. it STINKS BIG TIME. I use regular shop lights, with regular bulbs, but the key is to hand those suckas on chains or string so they start out right close to the seedlings so they don’t stretch. When they crowd the lights, put the lights higher. Cold frame, even though warm enough, doesn’t work great in early spring for me since the daylight isn’t long enough. I can control that on my indoor lights with a timer. I gotta scoot. If anybody has more questions, holler.

    Marsha (Don’t let the hillbillies or the McMansion people get you down) M.
    Queen of Buzzard’s Glory, hub of the universe



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