Barncast 93 — Garden Roundup

It’s been a long day so we just decide to do the podcast inside tonight, though we have some background audio from outside our window. We have a set of great calls that really liven up the show. We really do need your calls to the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT or the listener questions show. On tap this week:

  • Farm Phone: 206-202-GOAT All about dress out, and poultry in the city, and putting food up
  • Round Up: really short, no numbers
  • Farm Section: What worked and what didn’t, and what we did with it

We really need your questions for the Listener call in show so please make the call to 206-202-GOAT with your question.

CAUTION: The video extra is about butchering rabbits, if you don’t want to see this, don’t watch it. I hope all those who have asked find it useful.

  1. Lauren in MD’s avatar

    Hi guys!

    I just watched your extra on butchering rabbits. While it’s not something I think I could do personally, it was a great lesson in where our food really comes from. The spot was nicely done.

    Thanks for sharing!

    -Lauren in MD (with Bodhi the raw fed dog)


  2. andrew’s avatar

    Thank you Lauren, I’m glad you thought it was well done. It’s something both of us were a little nervous putting online since I know some people may really object to it. We’re pretty used to it and it comes second nature but for others it doesn’t.

    For someone who would find it gross I just ask them to think about the freezer full to the brim of chickens or turkeys at the grocery store. Thank of the the slaughter that happened to put a couple hundred birds into that freezer. Misty always rightly points at that they are packaged to not look like they were once animals, and she’s right.




  3. Marsha from SE Ohio’s avatar

    Thanks so much for that video. I’m the Mac person who called a couple weeks ago, and I was so pleased to be able to watch the proper way to butcher a rabbit. I’m about to build a little barn/shed and want to raise some rabbits. Trouble is (remember don’t let the hillbillies get you down? hee) I don’t trust anybody around here that I know to show me the right way, though I had a general idea. Many of those who think they are “country” here, don’t even raise their own gardens or animals. They only chase around for deer, mostly on other people’s property and dig ginseng and Golden Seal out of season! Oh well, it takes all kinds to make a world. I sure hope nobody gives you a hard time about that video. It was very well done and informative, and Gawd knows how bad the killing floors are in the industrial slaughterhouses. I made up a saying for when business associates express disgust at killing chickens for food. I simply say, ” For me, it’s honorable to face your food.” As this old world changes, this type of safe, respectful process will be priceless in the future.
    Very best to you both, and best wishes on that operation, Misty!


  4. Sherry W’s avatar

    I’m impressed on how neat and easy it looked. Really it looked about as hard or messy as cleaning a big fish!

    It think it’s the first good look at your silver foxes I’ve had so far. The fur is really pretty- do you ever try to save it?


  5. Linda in Chicago’s avatar

    Very well done, Andrew and Misty. It was matter of fact and not offensive to
    me. I agree with Marsha about facing your food: if you’re going to eat meat,
    recognize that the animal had to die and be processed.

    I know you all are not going to record a show for Thanksgiving, but I wanted to
    pass on some news about my small city “farm.” The city of Chicago may ban
    raising chickens in residential areas. There was a committee meeting held this
    week where the alderman heard from a city resident who believes there are more
    rats in her neighborhood because people are raising chickens in their yards.

    I didn’t attend the meeting because I only found out about it AFTER it was held
    (apparently the city only has to publicly post notice of a meeting 3 business
    days in advance). I’m petitioning my alderman and asking all of my friends and
    acquaintances in the city to petition their alderman to either request that this
    issue be deferred and posted for public comment, or outright opposed at the next
    city council meeting on December 12.

    There’s much more on my blog about it,
    including the email I sent to my alderman and the local public radio station,
    WBEZ. I was also filmed for a segment that appeared on our local public
    television station’s nightly news program,

    Chicago Tonight
    , yesterday evening.
    If any of your listener’s that live in Chicago can reach out to their
    alderman, too, it may help.


  6. Kate’s avatar

    Great job, Andrew! Thank you for that informative video. I like your little butchering station. We just hang ours in a tree, your way looks easier. Thanks again,


  7. Sherry W’s avatar

    Oh no Linda!!!!! Good luck, please don’t give up!


  8. India’s avatar


    Really enjoyed this weeks show – another hour out of the moving madness. Can’t remember if I said that we rehomed our cats? So hearing your kitten mewing brought a little lump to my throat…..we are in the middle of finalising leases and getting residence permits – it is very stressful!
    Hope that you had a great thanksgiving.



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