Barncast 92 — Containers and septic troubles

This week it’s a fun show. We spend a little bit talking about the adventures we had this week, and then we go through what containers we use and why. I hope you like the show!

  • Farm Phone: 206-202-GOAT
  • Round Up: Baby is slowing up, eggs are down, and nasty water
  • Farm Section: Storage containers

I hope you enjoy this weeks show. Please more sure to give us a shout on the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT, or leave a comment!

As always, the video extra will go online Monday night. Ok it was a little late, this should help compliment the show I think were we talked about the sewer issues.

  1. Sherry W’s avatar

    I can sometimes get Jerusalem artichokes here in better grocery stores marketed as ‘sunchokes’. I use them like you would use water chestnuts. But I have eaten them raw sliced in salads (like you would radishes) and suffered no gastric offenses. I wonder if the size matters? The ones I can obtain and rather small.


  2. andrew’s avatar

    That’s cool Sherry. I didn’t think sized mattered, but who knows. Many people do use them like water chesnuts, that’s the only way some people know how to use them. It is the way that can cause the most “distress” though. :)


  3. Barbro’s avatar

    About no job with angora rabbits.
    When we got our angora bunnies I red an article about combing or brushing them. It said that it makes no differece if you do or do not. So I never brushed our bunnies and we never had any problem with that. Just keep the food so they can not get anything on them selves. They gave me a lot of fibres to nice yarn. The rabbits are now a memory but I still got some fibres left.
    Than you for a very nice show. I always listen and knit.


  4. Warren’s avatar

    I wondered if you were planning to fish in that new pond in your back yard?

    Ew…I just grossed myself out. We had the same trouble 10 months after we bought our place in TN (before we moved to W-by-God-Va). Ours was a bit more extreme. We had troubles with our drain field as well as the pipes from the house and tank. It cost around $6k to get it goin gand required inspectors, etc. It was a drag so consider yourselves lucky!



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