Barncast 91 — Country Cooking

We have a good time this week, there’s some great calls and we have some good topics. The time change means it’s getting dark out really early now, and the pigs have moved and the ducks are out so it’s really quiet. On tap this week:

  • Intro, first frost
  • Farm Phone (206) 202-GOAT: 3 great calls
  • Round Up
    • First frost
    • Potatoes
    • Jerusalem Artichkes
    • Pig moving
    • Dehydration
  • Farm Topic: Cooking asian food on the farm

Please make to give us a call on the farm phone with 206-202-GOAT, or drop us an email

The weeks video extra will go online tomorrow (Monday) night, so make sure to come back! Have a took at the pictures from the week if you need an update now.

  1. India’s avatar

    Whew – life has been so hectic around here of late – looking at properties in Zurich, sorting out indoor plumbing and just generally horribly stressed about the run-up to the big move. Enough is enough – I am taking a nuge cup of coffee to the study, tuning into your latest programme and plain old chilling out….


  2. India’s avatar

    aah – that’s better good show :0)


  3. tracey in michigan’s avatar

    help. can’t find mozzerella episode— must. make mozzerella….


  4. andrew’s avatar

    Tracey give this link a try:

    India!!!!!! You sounded like you needed a break, it’s great to hear from you! I hope the move goes well, moving is always so stressful. I’m glad the show helped, I know both of us both miss your comments.



  5. tracey in mi’s avatar

    either way- I’m good now- I have a 5 year old- he’ll absolutely love making cheese;)


  6. andrew’s avatar


    Just a word of caution, when the cheese curds come out of the microwave they are really hot, like 150f type temperatures. Mozz only pulls if it’s over 130f. It’s sticky goopy stuff, like hot melt glue. So just make sure little hands are clear, wouldn’t want any burns. :)



  7. Valeriec’s avatar

    Well I am here at work listening to your latest show on my ipod, when all of a sudden in the middle of it stopped playing the podcast. Apparently the podcast on my ipod says the show was only 36 min. Since your website says it was 56 (unfornately I don’t have speakers or long headphones to listen to the rest at work)I will need to check my itunes, maybe it didn’t download correctly. Anyways looking forward to listen about your country cooking when I get home. =0)

    PS I was wondering if there are certain food items that you can’t food in Indiana that you really miss? I have been wanting to have a Dutch Letter (it is a pastry), but they do not have any that I know of here in Alexandria Va. However they are easily found in Iowa at some grocery stores. Especially in Pella, Iowa where at one point was a huge dutch settlement. The town is really cute and they huge wooden windmills, etc.They have quite a few bakeries that make them fresh (as well as other pastries and dutch food) and a huge tulip festival every yr that brings in tourism.


  8. India’s avatar

    Hi Misty and Andrew

    I don’t think I would be able to make half-way decent audio, but it’s a thought ;0)


  9. Leticia’s avatar

    Hi, Misty and Andrew just a f.y.i. a pig won’t go where it can’t see. As an old pro at pig handling, two kids in 4-h and ffa and many years doing pig projects, make boards in half circles with two handles cut out, out of plywood,run alongside the pig with the boards to its side, can only see in front where you want it to go, the pig will try to turn around but put the board in front of it,hope you can use the trailer next year, i don’t think most people know how strong a pigs snout is, love the podcast. Leticia in New Mexico



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