Barncast 90 — Wiggly Wigglers

I hope you enjoy this weeks show. It’s a bit different, Heather from the Wiggly Wigglers podcast dropped by and interviewed us. The audio, and all it’s warts was used for the farm section. The farm phone was really lively this week with some great questions! Please make sure to give us a call for next weeks show at: 206-202-GOAT.

  1. Marsha MacMutant’s avatar

    Hi to Andrew and Misty. This is the old fart caller from the show above with the pepper info and “don’t let the hillbillies get you down” comment. Yesterday I emailed twice to your gfl addy. I don’t know if that is so spammed up that you gave up checking it, but I attached the link to the pepper info and some pics. Next I emailed a humble offering for a logotype if you ever want to use it. No biggie. It came from my work email, and the subject line in the first one is… your pepper problems are over, kids. The windy Marsha MacMutant here … and subject for the second one is … Love it, hate it, tolerate it? Logo?

    I’m strictly a print production designer so I don’t have a website. HTML reminds me too much of the old “blind typesetting”… alas, coding makes me go to sleep.
    And I do have one more thingie e.g. Baker Seed to tell you I found on those forums. Something new to me! The forum page here:

    Now I’m wondering that the heck a “throwback” is… Is that some kind of unavoidable thing even under the best of conditions, heee, like humans born with a tiny tail? Euuuuw.

    I did see a quote in one of the posts on page 2 of that section. It said, ” I’ve been growing OP’ed veggies long enough now to realize that off-types, crosses and the like do indeed occur with an undefined degree of frequency. Whether it be a commercial supplier or a well-intentioned home grower/seed saver is immaterial for what I’m about to touch upon I suppose. Glad you started this thread….was actually go to start another thread to show what I harvested yesterday.”

    Then I saw another one. ” Just want to point out one thing in defense of BC. A small percentage of accidental crossing is normal, and BC offers 1,000 varieties in their catalog. 1,000! At a rate of 1% to 2%, you could expect 10 to 20 mistakes as normal. It looks like so far the rate of off-types is around 1%.”

    Fascinating! Just like the theory of evolution that so many Bible thumpers around here boast about to NOT believing. Heeee. “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up.”

    Hang in there, you guys. I gotta get back to work.


  2. Valeriec’s avatar

    I really liked this episode. glad that everyone is feeling better.



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