Barncast 87 — Finding a Butcher

Well the show got posted a day late this week since I fell asleep on the sofa last night. Oh well! In the show this week:

  • Warm weather, way to hot!
  • Farm Phone: 206-202-GOAT. 4 great calls!
  • Round Up: Getting ready for frost
  • Farm Section: What needs to be done to find a butcher, and how to get the animals there
  • Life Section: Anniversary

Come watch the video extra as I go on an easter egg hunt!

  1. Warren’s avatar

    I wanted to mention something about honey…temp and other storage conditions do impact whether honey crystallizes but it is probably most dependent on the nectar source of the honey. A while back in American Bee Journal, I think, they described honey from sunflowers. They said it made beautiful wax and honey but that the honey crystallized very quickly. Though I do not have sunflower honey, I am finding similar results in my crop this year as well. I have a few different colors/varieties of honey this year. All are stored in identical conditions. One crop is crystalizing already, while the others are clear as a bell. Like you mentioned though, it really doesn’t matter too much as it is easy to de-crystalize the honey.

    Also, honey prices are higher here than what you describe. We, like a lot of places, are under a drought and have been most of the summer. Honey was pretty scarce here…

    One more bee thing…I was at the WV state beekeeper mtg this fall and it was suggested (as it has been elsewhere) that ccd was partially related to poor nutrition. CCD, by other names, has existed since the 1800s (maybe before). The presenter showed an overlay of drought conditions (and thus, poor bee nutrition) over the years in the United States versus previous outbreaks and they were strikingly similar. There are many explanations offered currently but it seems possible that nutritional deficiency could weaken bees to a point where other stuff wreaks havoc on them. Whatever the cause, it is serious but probably not a new phenomenon.



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