Barncast 83 — Summer Dehydration

This week we take a look at what and why we dehydrated this summer. This continues a long series of looking an at putting food up for winter by dehydration. Lot’s of people freeze their food, some can, but we like to dehydrate a lot of stuff. It uses less room, doesn’t need power, and it’s easy.

In this weeks show:

  • Ellen calls the farm phone line with an on the spot report
  • Fall is here
  • Farm Phone: 206-202-GOAT. Farm Phone Rocks!
  • Round Up: Goes for ever, like it’s still summer
  • Farm Section: Dehydration, what we’re trying this year

Picture of the Week:

Equipment being cleaned, honey harvest, 22 gallons of mead:

  1. Emily’s avatar

    Misty and Andrew –

    Thank you both for this podcast!

    I live in a Suburban townhome with very little yard (none of which I can dig up for a garden or keep Livestock on). So I file tips and ideas from your ‘cast to use when *someday* comes and I move out of my little box in Ticky-Tacky land (Malvina Reynolds – “Little Boxes”…great song) have a big yard with a lovely veggie garden — and maybe some Chickens.

    The videos are an awesome addition!

    Dreaming of a yard,


  2. Tara’s avatar

    Thanks so much for the video extra – it was great, along with the sights the sounds were enjoyable. Good luck with all the digging of the potatoes.


  3. Peg’s avatar

    Thanks for the garden tour. I love the name of the green beans and the fact they turn red when dried. What colour are the beans inside?
    Delicata squash – one of my favourites!


  4. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Guys!

    Peg the beans are black on the inside. Great bean, prolific, don’t get touch. It’ll be interesting to see how they dry.

    Thanks Tara! I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos.

    I’m glad you enjoyed this barncast Emily! I hope you get to move out somewhere and have a garden, it really is a ton of fun.




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