Barncast 82 — Retrospective #1

The Allisons put a lot of work in creating a series of retrospective podcasts so that we could take a week off. Since it’s the long weekend we thought that would be a great idea! I hope you enjoy the show, they cover the most entertaining/interesting highlights from the first 25 shows.

If you want some original content, come check out the video extra. It’s some video that was recorded around the camp fire last weekend when we were playing around with the video camera. Seems perfect for this last summer weekend.

Picture of the week:

  1. Warren’s avatar

    Wow! I think someone got into the magic mushrooms! It was pretty funny to hear how things got pieced together! Enjoyable but a trip…

    I hope you had a good Labor day.


  2. Linda in Chicago’s avatar

    About the video: Misty, that’s just how I like my marshmallows, too. Crispy on the outside and oozing on the inside!


  3. Valeriec’s avatar

    I am with Misty and Linda and love my marshmallows that way. Only way to eat them =0)


  4. andrew’s avatar

    Hi Warren, Linda and Valerie!

    I’m glad everyone is enjoying the videos, they’re fun to put together and so far haven’t been taking to much time which is great.





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