Barncast 79 — Mead

We’re back inside this week, it’s just too hot outside and after working outside most of the day in the hot kitchen it was nice to sit down in the cool living room and do a show. This week we look at what to do with all the extra honey we’re getting. Making Mead is something anyone can do at home, it’s not very expensive to get setup, a lot of fun, and the end product isn’t bad at all.

In the show this week:

  • Farm Phone: 206-202-GOAT. 3 calls, pickles, sheep, barbeque, and goat milk
  • Round Up: Selling Patra, Rabbit Won 1st place, Bees, Garden
  • Farm Section: Mead, just getting started


Picture of the Week:

That’s all this week. More pictures can be found at HERE.

  1. John Glasscock’s avatar

    “Why do you preserve food?”
    “Because we can!”


  2. John Glasscock’s avatar
    Wisconsin allows raw milk sales, so Tom probably had fresh, not pasturized, milk. Much different taste! In Indiana, you can get raw milk for “pets”. You can also do cowshares. Trader’s Point is starting a cowshare program.


  3. John Glasscock’s avatar

    Saaz hops (Humulus lupulus var. Saaz) are a Bavarian/Northern Czeck type of hop with a low IBU (International Bittering Unit) content, usually about 3.7. It is the hop in Pilzner Urquel beer. Hops are also a preservative. The bubbles are CO2, the byproduct of fermentation. Secondary fermentation is good for clarity. Capping order doesn’t matter. The dextrose should be mixed BEFORE bottling to the whole batch, not to each bottle. Adding per bottle is inviting the occasional explosion and under-effervesced variation.

    20 year member of the St. Gabrinus Brewing Society.


  4. Libbye’s avatar

    If you band Shetland ram lambs as babies, they don’t seem to grow horns. At least my half Sheltands didn’t..except the one I missed a testicle on.

    Prize ribbons…first is blue, second red, third yellow, forth white.

    Some answers for the week.


  5. andrew’s avatar

    Thanks Libbye, that’s really interesting about the horns. Ah ribbon colours in writting, good to know. :)

    Thanks for the info John G,



  6. Nathan Lindorff’s avatar

    Hi Guys,

    Love the podcast! You may also be interested in another brewing podcast in which they talk (and show in their vodcast) about mead as well as beer. Basic brewing radio –

    Keep up the good work, and enjoy your break!!

    Canberra, Australia


  7. ray bans’s avatar

    Well I truly liked reading it. This subject provided by you is very practical for good planning.



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