Barncast 77 — Downsizing

Don’t worry the show isn’t going anywhere, but we’re looking at what animals we have and why, and how to reduce some we don’t need. This is a great show, even though it inside and my voice is shot from a cold. In the show this week:

  • Updates
  • Great Farm Phone section! 6 calls from the last 2 weeks. 206-202-GOAT
  • Round Up
  • Farm Section
  • Life Section: Travels to AU, Meeting Friends

Picture of the Week:

  1. Jay’s avatar

    is the comments section broken?


  2. Jay’s avatar

    … i guess not.
    Andrew, hope you are recovering well from the trip and feeling better.
    Misty, I’m glad you had help while Andrew was away.

    Since we have long been planning our own down-shifting while listening to the podcasts, I’ve got to admit ep77 was a real eye opener.
    After listening we just sat and talked about the show and how everything has/can so easily expand until it can become overwhelming.
    I was recently listening to ep35 and what you brought you both here. Take the time to do what you have to do.

    We, as many others I’m sure, love the show and wish only the best for the both of you.
    James & Sherry


  3. Valeriec’s avatar

    love the pictures and congrats to your dad, andrew. looks like it is beautiful there. glad you had help misty while andrew was away. Rec’d the soap I ordered the other night, thanks for the speedy delivery. It will make some great gifts when my husband & I go to Iowa in two weeks. haven’t seen some of my family in a yr so it will be nice. especially to see my sister and my new niece. hope you both had a relaxing week as well as this weekend. =0)


  4. Alissa’s avatar

    Another Great Show! Thanks ya’ll!


  5. andrew’s avatar

    Yay, it isn’t broken. :) I was amazed, we almost went a week with no comments. I thought maybe everyone just hated the show. ;)

    Thanks Jay and Sherry. It’s just a little bit here and there and after a couple of years it’s going nuts. :) But it’s fun too of course. :) It sounds like the show covered exactly what we intended, and that is great.

    Hello Valerie! This week was very nice. We had some new adventures and overall I feel much better. I hope your trip to Iowa goes well, it’s fun visiting with family.

    Thank you Alissa. Thank you for your call to the farm phone!.



  6. India’s avatar

    Haven’t been able to listen for a couple of episodes – just wanted to say hope the Big Day went well and that you guys are well.


  7. Bridget’s avatar

    Andrew, you mentioned Cucumber powder in this podcast. Can you give me a quick, detailed run down on how you make this? I want to try it and make sure I get it right since my cucumber plants are beginning to produce now. What all can the powder be used in?


  8. Bridget’s avatar

    LoL! Well, if I had just managed to listen to the rest of the podcast before heading to bed I would’ve heard the section on dehydrating squash! I got the idea now for making cucumber and squash powder :-) Time to catch up on the rest of the podcasts.


  9. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Bridget! Good luck with the powders, I find them really useful.

    So far this year we have:

    1. Cucumber (lots)
    2. Summer Squash
    3. Broccoli
    4. Green Bean
    5. Tomato (kinda, it turned into fruit roll up)



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