Barncast 74 — Midsummer garden roundup

Remember the next show is number 75 and that means it’s the listener question show. Just like show 55 and 65 we want you to call 206-202-GOAT with your questions and comments and then we’ll make the entire show based on calls we got. So please call!!

This week we start out with a special guest who dropped into to the studio with us. Then we gripe about the weather and then look at what’s going on with the garden, what’s doing well, what isn’t, and second crops of certain things. This week:

  • Special guest and intro
  • Farm Phone: 206-202-GOAT, 2 great calls
  • Round up: Milk good, dry bad
  • Farm Section: Garden

Picture of the Week:

  1. Mira’s avatar

    Hi Misty and Andrew,

    Hope you guys are doing well out there in Indiana. I tried to add a podcast to the poll but the system wouldn’t let me. I highly recommend The Alternative Kitchen Garden. I really like Emma and her podcasts are fun to listen to.


  2. andrew’s avatar

    Hi Mira! Hmm, the poll software seems to be having trouble with IE. Well it’s time for a new poll anyways.



  3. India’s avatar

    I can’t add polls with IE but Mozilla seems to work ok.


  4. Jen’s avatar

    Hi Misty and Andrew,
    I have some questions for the question show, if it isn’t to late.
    What do you plan to do with all the honey from your bees? I’m the allergic one, so I don’t want any, I’m just curious about what you’ll do with it. Store some of it maybe? But won’t you just keep getting more as your hives get better established?
    For Misty: What are you working on as far as knitting and spinning goes?

    A podcast I really like is Lime & Violet – knitting and spinning, but be careful they are enablers.

    Jen (from Omaha, NE)


  5. Libbye’s avatar

    Glad to see you have your herding dog on the job there Andrew.



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