Barncast 69 — In Stitches

Welcome to another weeks show! There’s been some changes around the farm this week, so the round up section seems to drag, but what’s new?? We’re back in the barn and the kids are screaming their heads off, like normal so you’ll we have some nice ambient audio. In this weeks show:

  • Carrie’s Farm vs ours
  • Farm Phone — 206-202-GOAT
    • John M asks about fairs
    • Patty asks about space needed for animals
  • Round up: numbers, ducks, goats, bees, the garden, etc etc
  • Farm: Misty knits a sweater from our own wool

I hope you enjoy the show, please give us a call on the farm phone 206-202-GOAT or email us at

Picture of the week:

Goat chops and steaks, both hives with honey supers,

  1. India’s avatar

    Cheesemaking – what a saga ;0)
    The company that I thought could sell me the stuff just informed me that the ‘fod grade’ citric acid isn’t packed in a food grade environment. But then I had been thinking about your other suggestions, having been a bit of a winemaker (many) years ago, I thought your homebrew suggestion was a great idea – and so it was. Looks like I can get some CA tablets from a homebrew shop in Glasgow.
    Mozarrella coming to a blog near you (I’m not even going to THINK about trying to lipase powder just now).


  2. andrew’s avatar

    Hey India! What a saga! I’m glad you were finally able to find some edible citric acid! Lipase is pretty easy, just google cheese making, and low and behold:

    It’s really not needed though. I look forward to hearing how it turns out.



  3. India’s avatar

    Hi Andrew

    Thanks for that info – I think I’ll be ordering some lipase fairly soon. I did manage to get both the citric acid and a thermometer which measures low enough. The Brewshop had lots of different enzymes but not lipase – typical ;0)
    hope that you are both well – particularly Misty’s ankle, hope it’s on the mend.


  4. Ellen Bloomfield’s avatar

    I have entered in the Indiana State Fair multiple times. But I grew up in Indianapolis so it was real easy to enter the state fair. When I was in 4H I showed at the State Fair many time representing a particular project for Marion County. Then after I was in college I entered the Open classes in foods.

    After I moved to Lake County, IL I entered the Open class multiple times in both the foods area and crafts. But I gave it up after getting a full time job Baking before a fair is a two day, full time job in itself and I prefer to do other things when I take a day off.

    Misty-I have not forgotten about the wool. I’ve just had a very busy May :P


  5. India’s avatar

    Hey Andrew – if you check out my blog, you’ll see my very first mozzarella ;0)


  6. Sherry W’s avatar

    8 pounds of wool?! Are you serious?! did you sue it all? That seems like a lot of yarn for one sweater! I guess the cables and bulky yarn ate up the wool.

    While I haven’t made a handspun sweater (next project) I only have 2 pounds of roving set aside for it. I based on looking at several yarn requirements of patterns in my size, then over estimated. Of course these where simple pullovers (ribbing, seed st etc) in light worsted-DK.

    I am handcarding about 1 pound of wool now for a shawl. It’s my biggest project so far!


  7. Jennifer’s avatar

    What a great podcast! I’m living vicariously thru you, and, while your podcast hasn’t inspired me to live off the land, maybe I’ll plant some tomatoes or berries and start there…
    thanks for sharing your lives with me!



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