Barncast 67 — A big round up

This has been a long week, and Misty twisted her ankle so we’re doing the podcast from the ground floor this week. This means the barn will sound a little different than normal, but hopefully it works out. We also changed the format a bit, there’s so much going on we thought we just expand the round up to give you a taste of life on a small farm in the spring.

So in this weeks show:

  • Misty’s ankle
  • Farm Phone: 206-202-GOAT
  • Butchering, and egg laying
  • Round Up: Too much to list

We love you feedback, so please call the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT or please send us an email at or leave a comment!

Picture of the week:

First butter of the year, tomato seedlings, and duckling with some feathers:

  1. India’s avatar

    Hopw you’re better soon, Misty


  2. misty’s avatar

    Thanks, I hope so too!


  3. Sherri’s avatar

    A friend sent me the link to your site. I’m a couple of hours south of you in Indiana. We have just shy of 14 acres and half of that is woods. I have a dozen assorted laying hens, 3 dairy goats, a Great Pyr LGD (who wants to be a porch dog) and around a dozen cats. I also like to spin and knit, but with raising a toddler along with working a full-time job I haven’t touched my wheel in over a year. :(

    Did you make the butter from cow’s milk or goat’s milk? I’m getting about 8lbs a day from the one doe I’m milking and I’ve been skimming off the cream and freezing it to make butter from later. I’ve only been a goat owner for about a month so all this is new to me. I’m going to try my first cheese-making experiment this weekend. :)


  4. andrew’s avatar

    Hi Sherri!

    Wow, sounds like it’s busy down there! What type of goats do you have? We would love to hear more about your farm.

    The butter is made from goat milk. Skimming would just take too long and it leaves most of the cream in the milk. As I’m sure you know goat’s milk is naturally homogenized so very little fat floats to the surface. We use a cream separator, and 3 gallons of milk makes over a quart of cream which ends up making about 1 lbs of butter or so.

    I did a sound seeing tour of separating cream last year at this time, you might find it interesting, it’s available here:

    I also guess it’s very timely that we’ll be talking about making cheese in the podcast then.


  5. Sherri’s avatar

    I thought it must be goat’s milk butter since it’s so white. I’d love to have a cream separator but it’s out of my price range at the moment, so I’m stuck with skimming. I let the milk set in the fridge for 24-48 hours first and I can get 1-2 tablespoons per half gallon of milk.

    I have 2 LaMancha doelings and a LaMancha/Toggenburg cross who’s a 2 year old first-freshener. I also have a deposit down on a Mini-LaMancha buck that I’ll be driving up to Wisconsin to pick up later this summer. I have photos on my blog if you’d like to see them.


  6. misty’s avatar

    Hi Sherri,

    Even though cow’s milk might naturally be a little more yellow than goat’s milk, color is added to all of it, I believe.

    We’ll have to get together sometime since you don’t live that far away!

    Are LaManchas the ones with teeny tiny ears?


  7. Sarah’s avatar

    Thanks for another great podcast – I particularly appreciate the bee info, as I stumbled on a stack of ‘deeps’ and ‘supers’ (as I now know to call them) recently.

    It’s interesting to hear the northern perspective – I garden at latitude 30dN, on the Florida Panhandle, and tomatoes here are Not Easy (better find some shade for them) whereas peppers are.

    I’m looking forward to hearing about cheese. I just finished reading Barbara Kingsolver’s new book, ‘Animal, Vegetable, Miracle’ and she advocates making cheese at home so much that I am jonesing for my own fresh mozzerella.


  8. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Sherri,

    On your way up to Wisconsin if you feel like a small a detour via our place you are more than welcome to come visit.

    The cream separator was a big splurge, but oh how much I love having our own cream/butter. It allows us to save a lot more milk and if I do it right this year should give us butter for the next 12 months. I just made 2 more lbs this morning. If I can do 2lbs a week for the next few months we’ll be set!


    I’m glad you’re enjoying the shows. Where I grew up tomatoes were a challenge since it might freeze just as they started turning red. I never thought it could get too hot for them. :)

    Home made mozzarella can be made really easily with citric acid. It may lack a bit in flavour but it was one of the first cheeses I made. Plus I think it can be made easily with store bought homogenized milk too. Maybe that’s the one I’ll do for this weekends show, hmm, not sure.


  9. India’s avatar

    The mozzarella sounds like a great idea for the show ;O)


  10. Sherry W’s avatar

    The comments on feeling sad about killing food animals are interesting. When I was a kid I was told right out which animals would be around for awhile (dairy animals, breeders, egg layers) and who was going in the freezer.

    It makes sense that if you raise an animal and care for as well as small farmers do, there is a tinge of sentiment when they meet the axe. Yes, they are not pets but you rasied it and fed it and watched it grow. I think that’s a good thing- you respect the animals and where dinner comes from.


  11. India’s avatar

    I have friends who breed Hebridean sheep, and a few other rare-breeds. They eat their animals, all of which are given names. They subscribe to the idea that naming the animals helps prevent them being kept at the emotional distance that allows ‘us’ to abuse them in intensive factory situations.
    I don’t know where I stand – being a soft townee, I don’t think I could eat something I’d raised, whether or not I’d named it!


  12. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Sherry W and India!

    I think since we’ve started raising our own animals for food we do respect our meat more than we used to. It’s one thing to pick up a one chicken out of 200 from the freezer at a grocery store. Yet after you raised your own animals up and butchered them it seem different.

    None the less, I’m always pleased to see the feed bills go down after butchering. :) Plus the meat does taste so good.

    India, mozzarella sounds like a good idea. I’m not sure on the naming idea, but everything else sounds great. Both Misty and I wish we could raise herritage sheep and goats, but oh well, there’s only so much you can do.


  13. Kayro’s avatar

    Even the East Friesian doesnt proucde much milk. I’ve lived? with sheep all my life and i got some goats about five months ago, forget about the sheep and invest in a goat it proucdes more milk and sheep are just plain stupid whilst goats and inquisitive and affectionete. East Friesians proucde the most milk out of all sheep but have long hair if you want short haired sheep the only one i can think of that could possibly proucde enough milk would be the katahdin which is meant for meat.


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