Barncast 66 — A little fluff

This weeks podcast is on the light side, after last weeks show we thought we would just take it easy this week. I think it worked out rather well actually. In this weeks show:

  • Intro: Quick over view
  • Farm Phone: Two great calls! — 206-202-GOAT
    • Cost of meat production
    • Tornados
  • Round up!
    • The numbers
    • Bees
    • Garden
  • Farm Section: Country life
  • Life Section: ugh

We really appreciate all the feedback which can be through comments, emails to or by calls to the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT.

Picture of the week:

Dad at the telescope, wild strawberries, Misty in the Garden:

  1. Tom’s avatar

    Another great program. Thanks!

    There have been more flowers than you think. The willows and maples are about done now. The flowers don’t look like much in the human spectrum. Next spring watch the trees. You will see millions of flowers that you never noticed before.

    Cost of goat and lamb meat; Don’t forget to subtract the amount that you are not paying to pour gas into the mowers! Also you might be able to parlay a sweet deal this fall. Honey for hay? :)

    Thanks again.


  2. Paula’s avatar

    Hello Misty and Andrew,

    This week’s episode was really great. My husband and I are Birders. It is a great hobby. You said you have Bluebird houses. I’m not sure if you are going to feed the birds or not. If you do, here is a tip for you. Don’t put feeders close to your Bluebird houses. They don’t like it. Would you want to live next door to McDonalds?

    Andrew did you know you can take pictures using a digital camera and spotting scope here is a link for you.

    OH!!! Misty. I just got a Lendrum portable spinning wheel for my birthday. I am currently learning the slow treadle. My granddaughter asked me how long it was going to take me to learn to ride it. I have already been to a guild meeting and found someone to give me a lession or two. Hopefully I will finally get to spin the roving I bought from you.

    At the guild meeting I met another person addicted to Geek Farm Life. She told me she starts checking on Sunday morning to make sure she gets the newest download. Kindred spirit there, as I start checking on Saturday.

    Have a good week.


  3. misty’s avatar

    Thanks for the info about the flowers, Tom! And it is so true about the cost of the fuel for the mower. Gas prices are well above hay prices (per bale) at this point, I think!

    Paula! How exciting that you got a Lendrum wheel! Do you love it? I really love mine. I think we need some pictures of you spinning! Have you spun all the wool you bought from me yet? That’s cute about you checking for the podcast so often. I hope you are subscribed to us through iTunes or another podcasting software, so that you don’t have to manually check!


  4. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Tom,

    You’re right about the goats and lambs. In one way the meat is almost free since they eat very little hay and mow the lawn. Between the milk and all the products it makes (ice cream, butter, cheese, yogurt, whey, and well milk) we do really get a lot of products from them. Too bad they also pretty expensive. ;)

    Thanks for the link Paula! I’m tooking at a second very portable telescope, and one I’m looking at is said to work well for day time photography as well. Never know. :)

    Two GFL listeners at one guild meeting. Scary. ;)




  5. India’s avatar

    Birders? – You mean Twitchers, right ? ;o)

    A life question – Andrew, how often do you fly and what kind of distances do you normally do?


  6. andrew’s avatar

    Hey India,

    Great question thank you. :)

    What exactly is a twitchers? Is this someone that grabbed onto a power line? ;)


  7. India’s avatar

    Hey Andrew – a ‘Twitcher’ is Brit-speak for someone who watches birds ;0)


  8. Valeriec’s avatar

    I really liked this episode, especially the reasons why you like the country. I like how it is quieter, seems more like a community and how everything seems to be at a slower paced. Anyways those are just some of the reasons why I prefer the country.


  9. andrew’s avatar

    Hey ValerieC! Thank you for your reasons, I really do like the slower pace. We do see that a lot out here.

    Thanks for answering that India. Had I heard it out of context I would have had no clue. Sounds like it belongs with the dept of funny walks. ;)



  10. Linda in Chicago’s avatar

    How about naming the hives after famous queens or women leaders? After all, it IS the females doing all the work, right? I found this site that lists many famous women which gives you plenty to choose from:




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