Barncast 65 — Question show #2

It’s show 65 and as promised it means it’s a listener question show! We had a great time answering all the questions and we even had a special guest on to help! The show is a little longer than our usual so I hope you enjoy all the questions and answers!

Picture of the week:

Hives, Harvey, and the Ducklings

  1. Tom’s avatar

    Great show. Thanks!

    I love rhubarb too. Plain old boiled rhubarb sauce with sugar is heaven in the spring. Tip: It cooks down a lot faster if you freeze it first. The ice crystals pierce the cell walls and you have nice juicy pulp when it thaws. That also makes pressing easier for rhubarb wine. (mmmm….rhubarb wine…)



  2. Barbro Wilhelmsson’s avatar

    I just love it when the podcast is “a little longer than usual” Thank you for all interesting information.


  3. Valeriec’s avatar

    I liked the podcast, forgot to add some questions for it. Since I missed the deadline for last week, maybe you can just use these questions for your next question show. I was wondering for your garden do you use (besides compost) any other organic/harmless items to get rid of pests/bugs? We don’t have a garden, since we do not have any land, or even a porch to but some pots on. But in the future would like one. We don’t like the idea of using pesticides. My mother also does lots of gardening and so I would pass any ideas you all have to her. =0) Do you do companion gardening? I had heard sometimes this works and other times it doesn’t. When you have extra eggs, veggies, etc. do you sell any of them or just give them away? Anyways thanks and sorry again for not getting some of my questions in earlier.


  4. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Guys,

    As explained in the show, I just got back to the web site. :)

    Thanks for the tip Tom! Barbro, I’m glad you liked the longer cast.

    Hey ValerieC, sorry we missed your question on this weeks show. We’ll make sure to answer them all next week. When we have extra veggies we preserve them for the winter of course. :)



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