Barncast 64 — Our Bee Story, try #2

Ok, I broke the mp3 file a 2nd time today and everyone was downloading the extremely compress low quality audio version. Then the website got trashed by accident. I think it’s fixed it for the last and final time now.

This weeks show is pretty special, we cut out everything except the round up and the farm section to bring you the story about how Tom our resident beekeeper in Milwaukee. He heard our complaints on the last show about not being able to get any bees to start our hive so he called around and arranged two nucs for us. What a guy eh?

So this weeks show:

  • Special thanks to Tom, Gayle, and Bill
  • Weekend weather
  • No Farm Phone! Call in your questions for the user question show, 206-202-GOAT
  • Round Up: It’s spring, there is a lot going on
  • Farm Section: Our Bee Story, aka how to transport bees in a small plane

Next week’s show ends in 5, so that means it’s time for our user question show! It received a lot of good feed back last time so we’re going to try it again. That means we need your questions for the show. There are 3 ways to send them to us, farm phone at 206-202-GOAT, email or leave a comment.

Picture of the week, bees loaded for the flight home:

Bees in the back seat

Tom and Andrew, Ram and his Mother, Udder before/after milking

Tom and Andrew at East Troy

  1. India’s avatar

    I haven’t had time to listen to the ‘cast yet, but I gather that you flew your bees home??? Seem s a bit like ‘taking coals to Newcastle’…;0)


  2. Paula’s avatar

    I have a Bee question for you Q & A program. I was listening to American Public Radio, there was a program on CCD.

    The program was the Monday April 30th episode of The Story

    In your last program Misty mentioned that the Queen Bee’s wings change after her mating flight. If she can not fly after that. How can she leave in a CCD?

    In that same program their expert said that when you smoke the bees The bees think there is a forest fire and starts to eat the honey so they can pack up and leave. Again if there where a forest fire and the bees leave what happens to the queen if she can not fly?

    Inquiring minds want to know. : 0)



  3. andrew’s avatar

    Hey India!

    Thanks Paula! Great question. :)


  4. Pirate96’s avatar

    When I heard Andrew and Misty talking about the costs of getting started in beekeeping it made me wonder the costs of starting and maintaining a flock of chickens. I know from listening you switched breeds of rabbits and was there a cost. Any way you could talk about what it took to get started in rabbit husbandry and the ongoing cost?


  5. andrew’s avatar

    Hep Pirate!

    We had a talk about that exact topic after we stopped recording the show. Up till now we haven’t looked at the money aspect very much and I think we’ll talk about how much it costs to get started, and then on going costs. Some of it isn’t monetary, for example when switching rabbits you lose production and have to buy more feed for a year.



  6. Payton Butler’s avatar

    i love to eat asian foods because they are tasty and spicy.~:,



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