Barncast 58 — The Bzzzz With Tom

Well it’s been a long time since we had a guest on the show, so I’m sure you’ll welcome having Tom the Beekeeper back on with us. If you don’t remember him check out show’s 26 and 29 (or there abouts) to hear past episodes when Tom has joined us. We have a couple of connection problems, but over all it’s a great show!

This week:

  • Farm Phone: 206-202-GOAT
    • Crops and land prices in Indiana
    • 5 acres and Indepedance and related books
  • Round Up: Eggs, Poults, Greenhouse and heating
  • Bees!
    • Hive update
    • CCD, aka what we don’t know
    • Tips for starting out, now is the time
  • Life: Busses, kids, st patricks day, and rollorskating

Green house heating with compost. URL thanks to Tom!

The picture of the week:


2007 Maple Syrup, Kids:

Maple Syrupimgp2488.jpg

  1. seth gray’s avatar

    what some resource for bee keeping web site, books


  2. John G’s avatar

    Indiana grows a LOT of tomatoes. In fact, Red Gold, a great tomato canner, is in Elwood, Indiana, whose product compares favorably with the great San Marcano roma tomatoes from Campagna.

    Tom is a fantastic guest! People generally do not realize the economic impact bees have. Thanks Tom!


  3. Ellen Bloomfield’s avatar

    Wow, that’s a lot of maple syrup. Are you using that and honey in place of granulated sugar?


  4. misty’s avatar

    Hi Ellen! We have substituted evaporated cane juice for most of our granulated sugar consumption. We just use the syrup for things that would normally have syrup, glazes for meats, etc. We do use quite a bit of honey in making bread and soap, as well as in teas etc.


  5. Tom’s avatar

    Hi Seth,

    My favorite online resource is I’ve tried posting links here before and it didn’t work so well. Instead I’ll guide you to 2 really important places on that site.

    On the menu at left, find “Bees and supplies”. Click that and then “U.S. Beekeeping Associations”. If you live in the U.S. that will get you to people in your area who want to help you get started. You will find that beeks (beekeepers) are a great bunch of folks who love to share the love. Go meet them.

    Back to the main page now, and the menu at left. Click “Digital Dialogue”. On that page find and click “Beesource Bulletin Board”. That’s an online discussion where you can talk about bees and ask questions. If you are a complete noob, don’t worry. “Beekeeping 101″ is just the right place to ask your first questions. Yes, you have to register. That’s protection to make certain that you are talking only to beeks and won’t have to read ads for stocks, drugs, and all of that other nonsense. It’s a really clean forum. Enjoy.

    Are you on the way to becoming a beek? Please remember this site and keep us posted!



  6. Dawn’s avatar

    Thanks for another great show.

    We currently live on the Big Island of Hawaii and the last place we rented had 10 acres. The landlord let a beekeeper use a small portion of it for his bees. We probably had 100 towers (not sure if that is the correct word)3 boxes deep just off our front yard. They raised queens to be sent to the mainland because there are no mites over here.

    We lived totally off the gird there but that is a story for another day. :)



  7. India’s avatar

    Het, Misty – I tried to leave my URL for the ‘Which flavour of Knitter are you?’ meme, but I can’t remember my login/password and the form won’t let me comment. SOmetimes the simplest technology is too much for me…
    Anyway, my URL is



  8. andrew’s avatar

    Hey India, Dawn!

    Now I’m sure there would be some interesting stories about living off grid Dawn. If you’re interested in telling us how it went it would be a fun time to have you on as a guest. Would you be interested?

    Thanks for all the resources Tom!




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