Barncast 57 — Adding a Little Culture to Milk

Welcome to this weeks show!

The weather great out, and Misty and I are out in the barn without a coat, just some drinks. We’re have a great farm phone section, and we toss in an email with some 3 great questions about farm life. In the show:

  • Current weather, it’s great!
  • Farm Phone! 206-202-GOAT
    • India gives us some lessons on pronounciation
    • Carry asks about fostering kids
  • Round up! We talk forever!
  • Farm section, yoghurt
  • Life at the roller rink

Please give us a shout and tell us what you think, 206-202-GOAT, or drop us an email at Hope you enjoy the show!

Picture of the week, 18lbs lamb:

New Lamb

Red velvet birthday cake, friend learning to milk:

First sliceConcentration

  1. Valerie’s avatar

    So glad that the new podcast is up. =) I always listen to the latest show on my ipod at work on mondays. Glad that you are having nice weather there. Looks like spring is finally on its way. This week it is supposed to get up to the 60-70s here in dc. Is it that warm there in Indiana?


  2. andrew’s avatar

    Hi Valerie!

    Yes I’m glad as well. I’m a little annoyed with libsyn at the moment, but we have a solution that may work better in the long run anyways.

    It’s above freezing out today which is good, and it’s supposed to be in the 60’s this week. Can’t complain!


  3. Kitty’s avatar

    I found this story on NPR

    Across the U.S., Keepers Say Their Bees Are AWOL
    Talk of the Nation, March 9, 2007 ? Recently in more than 20 states, beekeepers are opening their hives to find the bees gone. While bee populations in the U.S. have been suffering in recent years from a variety of threats, this sudden disappearance of bees from hives across the country has caught many beekeepers off guard, with no clear explanations.


  4. misty’s avatar

    Hi Kitty,

    We have also been hearing about that. But that is not what happened in our case — every bee was still in the hive. They just were not alive. But the other issue is a really serious threat!



  5. Liza NYC’s avatar

    Hi Misty and Andrew,

    I’m a librarian and the bane of our professional existence are book/item donations, believe it or not. Most people cannot bear to throw out books, even if they’re falling apart and have been published in the millions. However, every now and again I come across a treasure. In a collection of books on Judaism and Israel, there was a copy of FIVE ACRES AND INDEPENDENCE: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO THE SELECTION AND MANAGEMENT OF THE SMALL FARM by M.G. Kains. New York; Dover Publications, Inc., 1973.

    You probably own this little guide but if you’d like it I’d be happy to send it to you. I try to find good homes for all the donated items I can’t put into my collection. And, there’s no way I’m starting a farm across the street in Central Park!



  6. India’s avatar

    Still looking forward to the cheese cast ;0) – havn’e you got a demanding audience now!
    I just found a recipe in the ‘Moro’ cookbook. It’s high fat, but man, tastes grrrreat!

    Take 2L milk, boil until reduced by half. Stir in some double cream when the mix has cooled- I think they said 150ml, but I didn’t add that much. Add the starter yoghurt when the milk is cool enough. I use an Easiyo flask, which means the pot sits in boiling water inside the flask, so I always leave the mix until it is completely cold.
    Anyway, however you make it, this is an amazing recipe for a once-in-a-while treat.
    Real sorry to hear abouyt the bees.


  7. India’s avatar

    erm, so I guess you ralised it was a yoghurt recipe that I was burbling on about….



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