Slight Delay

Barncast 57 is all ready to go, but libsyn thinks we’re over quota. I can’t get the numbers to add up, but as soon as they fix it we’ll be up and ready to do.

  1. John G’s avatar

    Well, that’s what you get for leaving it to late Sunday for your podcast…


  2. India’s avatar

    Sheesh, what’s a girl to do for entertainment these days???


  3. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Guys!

    Thanks for all the comments and emails, including Matt & AJ who offered us some space.

    libsyn still hasn’t answered my trouble ticket, which asked why the sum of the files is 210 megs and they say we have 254 megs. So I opened an account with midphase/anhosting. Let’s see how this works out for now.



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