Barncast 56 — All about babies

Well there’s been some changes since last week. There’s new voices to add to the show, 6 actually! You can hear at least 4 during the show. The ending this week is a little abrupt. After the mixer’s batteries die the batteries on the mp3 recorded died. That brings the show to a rather abrupt end. We were going long anyways, so you must have been saved by the equipment. In the show:

  1. Welcome and, talk about what’s new and show 55b
  2. Farm Phone! 206-202-GOAT. Sorry India, you’ll be on next week
  3. Round up: Goose trouble, rabbits, etc
  4. Farm Section: Prep and delivery of kids and lambs
  5. Show ends due to power failure

We love your comments and questions, please email them to or call the Farm Phone at 206-202-GOAT.

Picture of the week:

One of Baby

Mmmm, coat.imgp2243.jpg

  1. India’s avatar

    Ahh – don’t do this to me! So much to do, so little time and you’ve uploaded the cast early !!!!!! Actually, It’s a good thing to have it early – I can listen to it on my way to my knitting group (all the hoo-hah of the past few weeks that threateded to blow us apart has been settled – who said knitting was boring?). Like yourself, Misty, I listen to a large number of casts, buy GFL is definitely my favourite – I am even putting my current audiobook to one side to listen to it this morning! My close second favourite is Downshiftme, with MAtt and AJ. Right, off to listen, have a great day in rrrurrral Indiana (just rollong my r’s for you – ‘r’s not ‘ar**’!


  2. India’s avatar

    Good cast. as usual! So, how qquickly do the mums’n’babies settle down once they’ve been separated? I know you said that they don’t seem as maternal as some animals, but it must be a bit of a shock to go through that and then baby is whisked away.
    The mastitis treatment had me cringing with almost every fiber of my being. This is probably too much info, but let’s just say I’m glad I got the oral antibiotics……;0)


  3. John G’s avatar

    Hey, I cheer every time a new episode hits my iTunes!

    Silicon nipples are best! If you use plastic, you will impart phthalates, which are like hormones and are responsible for poor development and possible birth defects.

    Note: is an industry group to promote the use of phthalates and to fight against banning them.

    Your comments remind me so much of the series (in print and on PBS) “All Creatures Great and Small” by the veterinarian James Herriot. In fact, everything you talked about was covered in the series. Nice job!


  4. India’s avatar

    Just stopping by to wish Misty an early HAppy Birthday – if I waited till Thursday I’d end up forgetting. So, Andrew, hope you’ll spoil her rotten, perhaps a good start would be allowing her a lie-in by doing all her early morning chores…..?


  5. andrew’s avatar

    Oh thanks for giving her ideas! ;)


  6. misty’s avatar

    Now that is an idea I can support!!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. :) I’m so egotistical — my birthday is my favorite day of the year!


  7. Ellen Bloomfield’s avatar

    Happy Birthday Misty!!!!!


  8. misty’s avatar

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    India, please explain to Andrew what a “lie-in” is. He thinks it is a reference to sex, but I told him it is just sleeping late in the morning. Men….


  9. Ellen Bloomfield’s avatar

    Okay, I’m confused….

    Babs had 2
    Ewenice had 1
    Cream had ?
    Baby had ?

    Please enlighten me what the score is!


  10. andrew’s avatar

    Hi Ellen!

    As of show 56 we had:

    Babs: 2 (I think, it was a sheep, I can’t tell them apart)
    Cream: 2
    Baby: 2

    Last night Ewenice (the other sheep) had 1.

    So it’s up to 7 at the moment.


  11. Ellen Bloomfield’s avatar

    Okay I -thought- Cream had her kids, but for some reason I missed how many she had. Thank heavens it wasn’t quads again.


  12. misty’s avatar

    Thanks, Donna!

    Andrew let me sleep in (have a lie-in), AND he made me breakfast, AND he told me to take a friend out to lunch, AND he is cooking dinner for me! What a great guy. :)


  13. India’s avatar

    …and of course he paid for lunch for both of you….?

    Guess Andrew’ll be barring me from commenting soon ;0)


  14. misty’s avatar

    Haha! Yes, he offered to pay for it. The friend actually paid though (which was sweet of her).

    Geez, it’s just a birthday, people! :)


  15. India’s avatar

    Hmmm – Andrew is cooking your favourite meal – well, I haven’t much of a clue, but I’m wondering if it features goat in it somewhere?


  16. India’s avatar

    No such thing as JUST a birthday ;0)



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