Barncast 55b — Podcamp Toronto Interviews

Well here’s an extra special bonus show. While at Podcamp Toronto I pulled out my mic and got a lot of short interviews with people I could grab as they walked past. Since this is totally of topic for this show I’m releasing this a b-side/flipside show. Show 56 will be as normal this weekend and we’ll talk about all the new babies that have arrived this week!

The people interviewed, in order are:

  1. Jim Millies
  2. Connie Crosby
  3. Chris Brogan
  4. Scarborough dude
  5. Sylvian Grand’Maison
  6. Barry from Barrie
  7. Luke
  8. Manni from Ryerson
  9. Leesa Barns
  10. DocWu
  11. Sonya Buyting
  12. Whitney Hoffman
  13. Natalie P.
  14. Linda Mills
  15. Casey Makinnon
  16. Timothy Pilgrim
  17. Jay Moonah
  18. Julien Smith
  19. Bob Goyetche
  1. andrew’s avatar


    I’m glad you enjoyed the show, it was fun talking to everyone. It’s amazing how many people stop by the moment they see a mixer and mic out. :)

    Both of you planning on going to PAB this year? It’ll be fun to meet up again. Maybe this time your little one will have 2 good legs? :)



  2. Whitney Hoffman’s avatar

    Thanks so much Andrew, for including me in the interview! I had a great time grabbing coffee with you on Sunday- those chocolate coconut bars were amazing!
    Hope you had a safe drive home- mine was totally insane with the weather, but everyone is safe and fine.
    Hope you enjoyed Podcamp Toronto, and let’s keep in touch!

    The LD Podcast


  3. Kathy in Maine’s avatar

    A podcast about podcasts! Brilliant! Thanks for doing it. I picked up a couple of new ones to add to my list. I’ll be up there with you guys in no time!


  4. Kevin Baggs’s avatar

    Great meeting you in Toronto. Would love to hear more about your story of how geeks moved to the farm.

    I was also interested to get a list of the portable gear you had in Toronto.



  5. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Kevin!

    I think we talked about the story some in earlier podcasts, but maybe it’s time we revisited that again. We never went into much detail.

    The gear I had in toronto was:

    1. Behringer UBB1002 mixer. Note the 2 Bs
    2. 2 radio shack headphone mics
    3. Homemade bias power pack for the mics (you can buy them too)
    4. Archos 430 mp3 recorder. Could be iriver, or anything
    5. Crown BPL microphone.

    That was pretty much it.


  6. Robin’s avatar

    Hi Guys,

    I loved the podcast about bees. I enjoy your show and listen every week. I live in Colorado and hope to do some farming some day soon.




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