Barncast 55 — Your question show

This weeks show was done a bit early, since I’m going to be out of town at Podcamp Toronto this weekend. We break our format a bit this week and do a listener question show. We answer a series of questions that came in on the Farm Phone (206-202-GOAT) and then some that came in via comments. We’re thinking of making this a more regular type of show. If you liked the show then let us more and maybe we’ll try to make it a more regular thing.

  • Intro, why are we podcasting early
  • Farm Phone, 206-202-GOAT
    • 4 calls this week!!
  • Round Up: Nothing new
  • Farm Section: More questions we got via email
  • Life: Travel!

Let us what you know of this show, drop us a line either on the phone or email us at

Picture of the week:

The couple

Cream and BabyFreezing fog

  1. John G’s avatar

    Hi, kids!

    One suggestion:
    Put in a category of past poll results. I wme back to see the results of the last poll, but a new one had already been posted.


  2. John G’s avatar

    Misty mentioned on the show that male kids can be left with their mom when they are born, but didn’t say why there was a difference between them and females, or what needed to be done to female kids at birth. Could you explain that, please?

    The analysis of farm life was valuable, especially regarding the costs and hazards (like always having to be there).



  3. Nina’s avatar

    Just sat in your podcamp session today at Ryerson in Toronto, and was intriqued by your site. Sat down and listened to it with my 11 year old son. We liked the sound of the bells on the animals softly in the background. Great live feel. Thanks for your tips on how to take the podcast out of the studio. Although, I think your studio looks great. A big difference from the one I hope to set up in an inner city high school classroom in Toronto.


  4. John G’s avatar

    Thanks, Misty. That explains it! Hope you aren’t feeling too lonely while Andrew is at the meetup.


  5. Kathy’s avatar

    I had a feeling you might have been geocachers back when you had time to wander around looking for stuff!

    Tom, I tried growing worms in their own bin and liked using the castings – then I forgot my bin outside in the sun one day and cooked the little critters. I would definitely do it again though.

    Cute babies, keep the pictures coming!


  6. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Kathy, Tom, etc!

    I tried redworms once in the rabbit manure pile. I probably shouldn’t have dumped in there in February. ;) I’ll give them a try again, hehe. Glad you enjoyed the show.

    Kathy, yeah geocaching was fun, especially when caches were closer. Last I checked we had 1 within a 30 mile radius. Based on its title I already know pretty much where it is too. =)



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