Barncast 54 — From sheep to sweater

We were one, now we are two, Misty’s back! This is our official one year show! Woohoo! Ok, on with the show:

  • Misty’s Adventures
  • More on podcamp toronto
  • Roundup: We still have no kids
  • Farm section: all about wool and how it leaves the sheep to make a sweater
  • Life in the country with snow

Thanks for joining us this week! Please take a moment to call the farm with question or comment, 206-202-GOAT. There’s also a new poll to vote on!

Picture of the week:


Burried the penPlugged the holeimgp2166.jpg

  1. John G’s avatar

    Glad to have Misty back again. Even though we are not spinners or anything, it is nice to know how it is done and the terms. It could come in handy on Jeopardy.


  2. India’s avatar

    I REALLY AM LMAO at your comments about my accent ;0) You should hear me laughing about the way people say Glasgow! tee hee – great that we can make folk laugh, just by opening our mouths !


  3. India’s avatar

    BTW, Misty, I tried to register at your blog, but the passowrd didn’t come through – maybe it didn’t understand my accent ;0)
    Actually, we have some North Americans come to our knitting group, and sometimes I get them to say ‘Edinburgh’ just to cheer me up!


  4. India’s avatar

    Me – again! looking forward to your cheese walkthrough, Andrew – I really want to have a go at making that real easy cheese you were talking about – hint, hint


  5. India’s avatar

    YOu guys are such a tease!


  6. misty’s avatar

    LOL I will be happy to say “Edinburgh” though I am sure I can’t roll the R properly!

    India, I emailed you from my blog. Did you get the email? Let me know so that I can diagnose an issue with email if there is one.


  7. India’s avatar

    Hi Misty – got an email from you, and another one today. tried to respond to today’s but Postmaster couldn’t send it.


  8. Kathy’s avatar

    Hey guys! Congrats on the one year anniversary!! You all do good work :-)


  9. Marijah’s avatar

    I’ve got a spinning question for Misty. You mentioned in the Podcast that you sometimes have to pick bits of straw & stuff out of the wool as you go. I learned to spin more than 20 years ago & really haven’t done it again since but I do seem to recall having to card the wool first, before I was allowed to spin it, to make sure all the bits of debris were out of the wool.

    Since I don’t know much of the theory behind all this, I was wondering why you don’t card the wool?

    Thanks! And thanks to both of you for livening up my commute!


  10. misty’s avatar

    Hi Marijah!

    I send my raw wool away to be washed, carded, and processed into roving or combed top. :) If you have more than one fleece a year, it’s really too much work to clean it yourself (IMHO). Thank goodness for wool mills!


  11. Marijah’s avatar

    Ah – I didn’t realize the mill carded it as well. I must’ve missed that.

    Thanks Misty for the clarification!



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