Barncast 51 — Getting Ready to Garden

Welcome to Barncast 51!? It seems like we just finished with the garden, and here we are again planning the garden, and a whole lot more!? Here are some of the things we cover.

  • Jon Peder serenades us with the sweet sounds of the tuba
  • Melanie asks about growing squash in a limited space
  • Andrew got his new telescope
  • We ordered the seeds and other supplies for the garden
  • Once again, we didn’t have a life.? See a pattern??

Happy listening!? Here’s the picture of the week.


Goose & Telescope

Curious GooseOrien XT10i

  1. India’s avatar

    Well, I’d like to say it was another grear podcast – but I can’t – I’m trying to do a Gaelic assignment and it’s busting my a** to the point where I haven’t even had time to listen…. ;0(


  2. Ellen Bloomfield’s avatar

    Can you email me where you ordered seeds from?


  3. Tom’s avatar

    Hi Misty,

    I highly recommend yellow carrots. The ones I was able to get, (for a while), were sweet and pleasant, with none of the bitterness of the orange rascals. The crunch was very much like that of a nice crisp cool radish. They yield and break up quickly in the mouth, making way for the next bite. Honest, you could give a big fat yellow carrot to a kid as a snack. Try that with the old orange lumber :)

    BTW you know the Queen Ann’s Lace that grows all over in mid to late summer? That’s the ancestor of modern carrots. Pull one up, wash the tap root, and take a small bite. There’s the carrot taste, but way more bitter than what’s in the store today. I don’t imagine that ancient people ate it raw.

    Thanks for another great podcast. Loved the new music from fans!



  4. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Guys! Sorry I didn’t follow up!! Email’s broken. =)

    Ellen, I’ll get Misty to send you the link.

    I’m glad you everyone liked the show! Hope the assignment went well India.


  5. Dawn’s avatar

    Sorry I’m a bit late leaving a comment but I only got to listen to this podcast today.

    With regards to letting the pig run around in your garden before you plant; the only thing I would make sure of is that you do it early enough that any manure has time enough to break down. You don’t want to burn your seedlings when you plant them and fresh manure can do that.

    Haven’t listened to the rest of it yet but wanted to tell you that before I forgot. :)



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