Barncast 48 — Rehydration

Well it was supposed to be a short show, but it turned into a long one. Oh well! Back in episode 31 we talked about dehydrating food for winter. We’re now well into using that food so in the farm section we review what worked, what didn’t, and how to make it tasty. Other topics include:

  • Wet weather
  • Farm Phone, 4 calls! 206-202-GOAT
  • Geek Section: Archos PMA intro, and telescope question
  • Round up, and more wet weather
  • Farm Section, rehydration
  • Life Section

I hope you like this weeks show. Make sure to give the Farm Phone a ring or leave a comment!

Picture of the Week:


Ark time?Huge egg without shell

  1. Erica’s avatar

    Mark and I were listening to your 48th show tonight when we were finally inspired to drop you a line. Mark sent you our audio comment by email – head’s up, 800kb attachment coming through!


  2. Jen’s avatar

    We love at our house. During a wootoff, it’s hard to tear us away from our computers!


  3. Virtual Farmgirl’s avatar

    I just found your page and podcasts and am thrilled by what you’re doing. My husband and I have subscribed to your podcasts and hope to become regular listeners and eager students. – the Virtual Farmgirl


  4. India’s avatar

    hope the tablet travels well – it’s definitely not like taffy.


  5. Tim’s avatar

    Well, I’ve been listening for a while now, and you’ve finally inspired me.

    I live out in sunny Pomona, California. We have about 10,000 sq feet of land, soon to have a small chicken coop and rabbit hutch built upon it, as soon as i finish drawing up the plans…which with how things go on around here..that’ll be in a couple months.

    I feel like a bit of a geek going to the library to check out books about chickens and rabbits, but they have been helpful. My wife is a bit concerned that our 2 year old will be traumatized by eating a rabbit she’s just seen hopping around the yard, but I figure it’s a natural progression from when she would go out into the garden to pick and eat our tomatos, except for the whole meat and blood thing.

    The tanning sounds interesting, i’d like to hear more about how that goes.

    I’m planning on raising californian or new zealand rabbits, but I was intrigued by the silver fox breed you mentioned, so i may do a bit more research. the hutch will probably be single layer with a wire bottom for easy cleaning and it’ll make it easy to sweep everything into the compost bin.

    As for chickens, my wife went to the zoo the other day (yes, in california we have chickens in zoos) and she said there was a breed called ‘buttercup’ that doesn’t make any noise (since we have neighbors, it might be nice to have quiet animals). I was thinking rhode island reds, maybe you could talk about how you selected the chickens you have, and if there are any ‘specialty breeds’ you might recomend. I’m only planning for 6-8 birds though, as they will be mainly for the eggs.

    Keep up the good work! Love the podcast, and if home prices keep going up out here on the west coast you may have a lot more new neighbors.


  6. India’s avatar

    Now, y’all know you can’t have the Ark, we need it right here in GLasgow



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