Barncast 47 — Year end review

Not much to say as show notes this week. If you’re a long time listener you’ll enjoy a recap of the last year, if you’re a new listener it’s a great way to find out what we’ve been talking about. We then go over what went well, and what went bad.

Please give the Farm Phone a call: 206-202-GOAT

Picture of the Week:

Turkey window

Fruit cake fruit, Others have escapes too, christmas goose.

Fruit cake fruitI guess others have escapes tooHis goose is cooked

  1. Tom’s avatar

    Great ‘cast!

    As I listened to the “bad” category, the turkeys made me laugh. They were going nuts. How ironic if a fox was in there having dinner while you listed the years low points :)

    Thanks for all the great programs this year. Talk to you in ’07.



  2. Ellen Bloomfield’s avatar

    Happy New Year you two!

    Are you guys going to Chicago in January? Let us know and maybe we can take the train in and meet up with you!


  3. andrew’s avatar

    Happy new year everyone,

    Hey Tom! If a fox got into the turkey pen I think there would be a LOT more noise than that, and I would fear for the fox. Heh. Man oh man those turkeys can make a lot of noise.

    Rubhadubh, I think for 2007 we’ll stay put, and no we’re not going to leave our jobs. We enjoy the pay we get at work vs what we would make on the farm. Farming is really hard work for the money.

    Hey Ellen! Not sure, we don’t have any plans at the moment, but that changes. If we do we’ll let you know.



  4. Barbro’s avatar

    Happy New Year to all of you. I am a swedish knitter who likes to listen to your shows when I am spinning or knitting. We have a little garden and it is so very interesting to listen to you guys.



  5. India’s avatar

    Hey guys – got the calendar today and I am really touched. Thanks a lot. I’ve linked throught o your site on my blog, so you may get a few more listeners.
    Off to stir some tablet…


  6. andrew’s avatar

    Hey India,

    You’re most welcome. I’m amazed at home fast it managed to get there. I think it got over the pond faster than it got to my uncle in Canada.

    Hello Barbro! Welcome! I’m always amazed the amount of spinners/knitters/etc that listen.



  7. India’s avatar

    Now, the thing about tablet is that even once it has reached its setting point, the soft ball stage, it has to have the living daylights beaten out of it before it will set. So these days I get my husband to help – he’s a willing slave because he likes the end result so much. Shame that I waited until AFTER he had beaten it to tell him it wasn’t for us…..


  8. India’s avatar

    Well, Mr India, as he is affectionatly known to my friends, proved what a good egg he is by posting off the tablet. Well, that’s what he told me, anyway….I hope it arrives in good condition. Don’t be fooled by the ginormous box that it is in – there is a small amount, but as it consists mainly of sugar, you don’t need much at a time. In Scotland it is quite usual to be given a very small piece with coffee after a meal. Unfortunately, very little of it is as good as it should be.
    Looking forward to your next ‘cast,


  9. chartreusevelour’s avatar

    i just discovered your podcast and am on episode #14. i love it! i am a geek myself and have been fantasizing about buying a farm instead of a tiny apartment in nyc, and you all are helping me to imagine what it might be like. feedback-wise: my favorite section is the farm section. and i don’t think you guys should worry about going into too much detail. i, for one, do not find it boring at all! plus, sorry if i just haven’t gotten to it yet, but i would love an audio walk through of making cheese.

    happy new year!


  10. andrew’s avatar

    Heya India,

    Say a big thank you to Mr India for us. :) I had to no clue what tablet was so I’ve googled it. I really look forward to receive it! Thank you.

    Welcome Chartreisuvelour! Welcome to show and hopefully you’ll enjoy the rest of the shows! When we have milk again we’ll probably do a walk through.



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