Barncast 46 — Christmas Special

This weeks podcast is a bit of a change from the normal. We just talk about our podcast setup and christmas around the farm. it’s the first podcast ever to no include a farm section! Thoug there’s a round up, so don’t worry you’ll still get your farming dose. I hope you enjoy the show!

Next week we’ll have the year end special. We’ll review what changed, what worked and what didn’t in 2006. If you want to ask about something specific let us know!

Farm Phone: 206-202-GOAT
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Picture of the Week:

House and christmas ligths

Harvey and KittenFrosty plant

  1. Tom’s avatar


    Basswood is easy to spot by it’s distinctive shape. It’s the tree that looks like a big ice cream cone.

    The wood is cherished by carvers for it’s fine grain and stability. If you have a wooden yard stick, it’s probably basswood.

    Bonus: Harvest one basswood and get the next in a fraction of the time. The stump will sucker like mad. Choose one sucker to favor and it turns into a new tree quickly because the root system is already in place.

    Hey. The bumper for the life section: I’ve captured it and tinkered around in audacity to try to puzzle out what the heck is being said. No joy. If I ever get onto “Wait wait don’t tell me” and win, I’ll have Carl Kasell to make you a new life bumper:)

    Oooh the spice house. That should be on every Milwaukee tourism map. It’s worth the stop if all you do is walk in and take a deep breath. Mmmmmm..

    Very nice ‘cast. You guys sounded downright comfortable compared to some of your early efforts. Talk to you next year.



  2. India’s avatar

    Looking forward to listening to the ‘cast as I finish the preparations for tomorrow. I’ll let you know when the message with your address comes through, in case it gets munched in my spam filter and no-one realises – don’t want that tablet going to waste (well, I suppose it’ll ‘go to waist’ anyway! Gee, I crack myself up sometimes…)
    Ho ho ho


  3. Nadine’s avatar

    Merry Christmas to you! Thank you for the special show! Greetings from Germany where we haven’t seen a single snowflake for this season so far…….


  4. India’s avatar

    Got your comment via my blog- obviously haven’t posted it :0) Don’t know why email isn’y getting through still – grr. Anyway, I shall be making some tablet this week, and I shall send some over. Mr India thought there might be a problem sending food, but I don’t think that customs willstop sweets (candy), will they? I’ve had sweets sent from the US without problems but reassured him that I would see what you guys think.


  5. Kate’s avatar

    I am really enjoying the photo of the day – the Turkey Window shot is now my desktop wallpaper! Great show, looking forward to the new year.

    Question/discussion suggestion – did you always garden? I have never cared much for it, but it sounds so great when you describe it that it makes me want to try it again.

    Kate in KY


  6. rubhadubh’s avatar

    how did the goose go? ours was very dark meat and pretty flaming chewy! tasty but chewy… i wonder if cooking it hot and fast rather than cool and slow would have been better



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