Barncast 45 — Jinglecast

We have some special music for this podcast, I hope you enjoy it! This weeks topics:

  • Weather, as always
  • Farm Phone 206-202-GOAT: Gloves, and what would we do differently
  • Geek Section: More Rural Internet
  • Farm Section: Lactation curve
  • Life: Christmas parties and cats

Picture of the Week:


Sunrise, cookies, and our podcasting studio:

SunriseChristmas CookiesReady to podcast

Special music for this show:

An Acoustic Christmas with Chris Goddard

Download “Jingle Bells” (mp3)
from “An Acoustic Christmas with Chris Goddard”
by Chris Goddard
Milomix Productions

Revenge of the Christmas Tree

Download “Revenge Of The Christmas Tree” (mp3)
from “Revenge of the Christmas Tree”
by Erik Darling
Man Alive Records

  1. Kathy’s avatar

    Hey guys, great show! Congrats on getting the new cat and the calender sounds like a great idea! Wishing you both a very Merry Christmas. :-)


  2. India’s avatar

    Blue Faced Leicester is one of my favourite things to spin – currently trying to do enough consistent spinning to mske a jumper (sweater).


  3. Lurker’s avatar

    Good show – always interesting.

    Barn cat looks like he means business (new sheriff in town).

    What’s for Christmas dinner? Fowl, goat, lamb?

    Have either of you heard of the Firefox (Foxfire?) series of books?

    Thanks for taking the time to do the show.


  4. andrew’s avatar

    Thanks India! Did you see the email I sent you btw?



  5. India’s avatar

    Hi Andrew – I didn’t see the email – sometimes my spam filter goes wild. YOu can leave me a comment at if it doesn’t get through.



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