Barncast 44 — Rabbits vs Birds, Gloves and Goat Cheese

We’re back in the barn this weekend. The weather cooperated and it’s a great day out. This weeks cast covers a ton of topics so I hope you enjoy it:

Please leave us question or comments to the Farm Phone: +1-206-202-GOAT. Or email or leave a comment! we really enjoy them.

Picture of the Week:


Harvey, Ice Bucket, and the look of anticipation:

Harvey Dec 07Water and ice in the winterAnticipation

  1. Kathy’s avatar

    Hey guys. :-) Great show! I’ve made a note to never ever ever say _ _ _ _ Cheese again. I swear.


  2. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Kathy! I’m glad you enjoyed the show! Yay show 40 out, I can’t wait till I listen. :)

    Rubhadubh, We probably won’t do anything this year, so I would really suggest the book I link to. It’s really great.


  3. Lurker’s avatar

    OK. I won’t use the generic g-word cheese any more. What I had in mind was a nice thin slice of Garrotxa or Ibores. Won’t use the M-W word either.

    How about some discussion about what can be done with honey (besides spreading on warm, buttered toast)? Isn’t meade made with honey?

    Sorry about the toe-stepping.

    Thanks for the show.


  4. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Jen, Lurker,

    Hehe, we were just having a little fun, and I did warn you I was going to have to have a rant at some point. I hope we didn’t hurt anyones feelings. :)



  5. India’s avatar

    Ideas for honey would be a great – and I’d love to hear more about the cheese making. Guess what – it is STILL raining in Glasgow – in fact, it’s blowing a gale as I speak. The weather here lately really seems to have a portentious feel about it …


  6. Jonix’s avatar

    I andrew, great show!


  7. Jonix’s avatar

    Ups, i think my english is suffering from less-letters :D, i want to write “Hi andrew”, not “I andrew”.



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