Barncast 43 — Animal Feed

Sorry about the late post, but our internet connection was basically dead all weekend so I couldn’t get the show uploaded. The wind was causing the dish to wobble around too much. Oh well, we’ll talk about it as part of our geek section next week.

In this weeks show! Feed and more feed. We look at how to feed concentrates (grain) to your animals and humans. What forms to buy it, and how to mix your own. I’ll get the mixes online later tonight. All this thanks to a call from Caroline.

She also asked about milling your own wheat and corn meal at home. So we have a hearty discussion about grain mills, where to buy grain, and different types of wheat. If you thought all flour was equal then listen up, there’s something to learn in this section. The mill we have is still made! It’s just changed names, here’s a link to amazon. (no weird referal stuff)

Picture of the Week, Katelyn visits the goats:


Frost on our laundry room window, we don’t heat that room due to the single pane glass:


Rabbit ready to be cut up:


Tree across the field:


  1. John G’s avatar

    David Pogue of the New York Times demonstrated very convincingly that unless you are making prints much larger than 11×17, more than 5 megapixels is just marketing.

    FOB is “Freight On Board” and is used to indicate that the cost is to the point of putting the commodity on their loading dock. Shipping charges and methods are up to you, the customer.


  2. Tom’s avatar

    Nuts. Really nuts. I wish I hadn’t heard this podcast.

    About 3 months ago I met an up-and-coming photography student. I sold her my whole Pentax kit with tons of lenses and filters for $100. After all, the whole K mount thing is over right? A digital back for my SF1000 was just out of the question. Little did I know that an affordable digital was coming along that would take my expensive lenses. Oh, the humanity :)

    As Andrew says: “Oh well.”

    Loved the goat kiss in the picture of the week.



  3. andrew’s avatar

    Hey John G and Tom, appears to be the link to a blog entry he did about it. I agree with your whole heartedly. Then again I see 12mp camera with a plastic lens the size of a dime. Oh well.

    Sorry Tom!! I’m glad you like the picture. I really love the k100, it feels just like my old super-m but with a digital screen and an sd slot. :)


  4. India’s avatar

    That frosty window is beautiful.
    Guess what? Still raining.


  5. Lurker’s avatar

    Good show (as they all have been).

    Sorry to hear about barn kitty.

    The duck eggs thing from a previous cast stuck in my head for some reason. I kept thinking about an egg BLT sandwich: Lightly toasted home bread, Miracle Whip (no substitution), bacon from your own hogs, egg fried up in the bacon “grease” (over easy, soft yolk), lettuce, and home grown tomatoes. Mmmmmm. Maybe a thin slice of goat cheese slipped in between while everything’s still warm….

    Thanks for doing the show.


  6. India’s avatar

    What the heck is ‘Miracle Whip’?


  7. andrew’s avatar


    Talks about it. Which is kinda sad considering you could make your own real mayo at home with the same egg.

    I really need to rant about goat cheese on the show, I think it’s been too long.



  8. Jerry’s avatar

    Welcome to the world of DSLR Photography Andrew! I’ve been using a DSLR for about 4 years now. I bought my first one for taking pictures of Ellen and the Dogs running Agility. In this week’s episode Misty thought that the higher ISO could help you to take pictures of fast moving object, and you thought it couldn’t. To get pictures of fast moving object, you need fast shutter speeds, and using a higher ISO will allow you to also increase the shutter speed, so it can help you.

    If you haven’t found it yet, you might want to take a look at/listen to “Tips from the Top Floor”. It is a podcast (and associated web site) about digital photography. May good things for the novice and the experienced alike.

    As Chris says “Happy Shooting”.


  9. Jerry’s avatar

    Here are a couple samples of “Danny” running an agility course with Ellen:

    I took those with my older DSLR in 2004…


  10. andrew’s avatar

    Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check it out. Of course you’re 100% right. I normally would only increase the iso value as a last resort to increase the shutter speed. Probably just used to film where changing film speed is pretty involved.



  11. Christa’s avatar

    Ranting about goat cheese? Mmm… pizza with goat cheese melted on top.. MmmmmmmMmmmm… :)

    Wanted to drop y’all a line to say thanks for putting me on the farm phone section, even though the answer was delayed sooooo long the eventual answer to how you two met was pretty neat!

    Thanks again for the podcast – its one of my favourites!


  12. Tom’s avatar

    About Miracle Whip and “no substitutions”. Buy a jar of the stuff and you are already using a substitute. They changed the recipe. The #1 ingredient was oil, now water.

    It’s still the same on a sammich, but don’t bother with chicken salad. We all know that chicken salad wants a honeymoon in the fridge overnight. When it emerges the new Miracle Whip will have lost it’s enthusiasm. Pity.




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