Barncast 42 — Thanksgiving cast

We have a special guest this week so came and listen! It’s the first time we’ve had a 3rd person on the show in person! This weeks topics:

  • Farm Phone! 206-202-GOAT
  • Round up: pigs, bees, shadow
  • Farm Section: Thanksgiving
  • Life Section: Travels and visits, trip to Chicago

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Picture of the Week:




Heritage Turkey:


Heritage Turkey Breast:


Commercial Turkey:


Dad in Park:


  1. John G’s avatar

    Oh, so now that the weekend has passed, you release your podcast. Well, like we have time during the week to listen? Nice timing! Like, you guys are still on Hoosier time or what?

    OK, I haven’t listened yet (like anyone has) but I am looking forward to hearing Andrew’s dad.

    I hope all your birds (no British humour intended) had a good time over the holiday.

    Cheers to you all!


  2. India’s avatar

    well, tried the goat milk in the coffee – definite taste of goat lingering on the palate. And you know what ? I liked it. I worry about myself sometimes….
    Currently NOT raining in Glasgow. BUt I’m sure things will retunr to normal later, just as I step out of the door.


  3. andrew’s avatar

    Hey John G! Well we gave you an extra mini-cast mid week!

    India, where did you get the milk from? It shouldn’t have any flavors that are all that much different from cow milk, unless cow milk across the pond tastes a lot different. :)


  4. Ellen Bloomfield’s avatar

    Hey guys! Glad you enjoyed the trip to Chicago. That museum is very cool. The sub was under restoration when I was there so we need to get back there to see it. But my fav museum is really the Field…but then again, I’m a geologist and can spend hours staring at just rocks ;)


  5. India’s avatar

    Well, it is milk form a commercial dairy – if there are small, local producers around here, I don’t know about them. First time I tried goats milk yoghurt I though they’d managed to milk a buck – man, it was bad.
    This milk I’ve been trying is ok, but I get the feeling from what you’ve said that maybe it could be better. When I eat a ‘cheddar’ style goats cheese, I can tell that it is made from goats milkm in the same way I can taste the goat in the milk. Is this the same as yours? I guess what I am trying to say is, in a blind tasting, how sure would you be which was goat, which was cow?
    Ir’s blowing a gale here as I write – severe weather warnings etc. What’s it like in Idaho? (well, your bit, anyway)


  6. Lurker’s avatar

    Great show. Glad you got the hogs back.

    The Thanksgiving meal sounded great. However, what’s this talk about not needing gravy? Everything goes better with good gravy (especially from the bird basting). Mmmmmmmmm, bread & gravy.

    Hope you both stay well, we have our first winter weather here: 80F Wednesday, low 30’s today.



  7. India’s avatar

    * erm, what’s it like in Indiana, even ? :0)


  8. andrew’s avatar

    Hey India,

    I’m not sure you could tell the difference in a blind taste test. The different levels in cream from “whole milk” to pure goat milk may be the biggest difference. When we skim goat milk it sure does taste different! :)

    Weather wise we’ve had the most lovely past week or so. Temps in the upper teens, sun, warm winds, etc. Today it was raining buckets and the temperature is supposed to drop below freezing. The rain should turn to ice/freezing rain and then 10-15cm of snow accumulation over the night. It’ll be our first major snow of the year if it happends. Oh well!

    Lurker, same here. Oh well, it’s almost December after all.


  9. Ellen Bloomfield’s avatar

    Hey did you get any snow?

    We got somewhere between 10 and 12 inches. My husband’s company closed his office, but I had to work from home.


  10. India’s avatar

    Hey – no pressure, but I’m missing my weekly dose of GFL!
    Hope it is only good things that are keeping you guys away from the ‘cast.


  11. andrew’s avatar

    Hey India,

    It’s all done and ready to go and sitting on my camera’s SD card. I can see you saying “huh?”, well our internet connection was down all weekend so after chores when I get to work I’ll upload it and get it going.


  12. melissa’s avatar

    I have a friend who gives me their fresh raw goat’s milk in exchange for my fresh veggies and herbs from our organic garden. There is a turkey farm down the street, I wonder if they barder as well. Thanks for the great site.


  13. retro’s avatar

    This year my wife decided to have a dry run thanksgiving day to test out her recipes. We soaked the bird in a brine solution she got at William Sonoma it really kept it moist. OMG, the turkey was so good and I get to do it again in a few days!


  14. Wine Maker Edward Jones’s avatar

    Nice Turkey dishes for the Thanksgiving meal. The dishes sounds really great. What a Great Recipe!



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