Barncast 41a — How to BBQ a Turkey

It’s an supplemental podcast! We got several requests about how to BBQ a turkey. I have a special guest on, and the audio isn’t great but it’s nice and short. Have a good thanksgiving!

  1. Tom’s avatar

    Hi Misty, Andrew, and Martin,

    So glad to hear that you start with brining. I do that with all poultry. That goes for the grill, oven, or fry pan. It improves the flavor and seems to keep the meat more moist. Yummy.

    I like BBQ’d turkey, but not for Thanksgiving. For that I want the food that I grew up with. For heaven’s sake don’t put dill or other alien spices in the dressing or spuds. Just about everything on my plate wants a dollop of butter. Don’t even bring tofu into the house. My diet is taking a day off, thank you.

    Thanks for the minicast!


  2. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Tom!

    You’re welcome! I hope your bees enjoyed the warm weather!



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