Barncast 36 — Farm Phone, pigs, and bees.

This weeks podcast is from the straw loft in the barn. We cover a lot of different topics this week and they include:

  • Thanks to Matt & AJ
  • Farm Phone: 206-202-GOAT (4628)
    • Why did we decide to move?
    • Another method of tracking what’s in a deep freeze
    • Call phone towers, and the buzz
  • How not to move pigs
  • Bee, and bee association banquet
  • Curried Squash soup

No picture of the week this week! Our camera batteries are dead dead. Hopefully next week, I have to order some new ones.

Please drop us a line at or call the Farm Phone (206-202-GOAT) or leave a comment!

  1. John G’s avatar

    Andrew, once every two days I am pedantic, too! :-)

    Q: Which animals do you butcher yourselves and which do you have a knackerman take care of? I imagine you do the birds yourselves but leave the mammals to others. Could you describe how to clean and pluck a fowl, please?


  2. Will Williams’s avatar

    hey guys, I got a question about the bees. We’re thinking about getting some in the spring but where we live is bordering national forest and we sometimes get bears coming through. Have you every heard of someone building fences around the hive or defending them in some other way?


  3. Lulu’s avatar

    Can you post the name of the podcast or website of the person who gave the freezer storage tracking idea? Sounded interesting but I’m too lazy to listen again and write it down.

    Oh, and I have been wondering…how long do you each have to commute to your day jobs?

    Misty, I’d love to hear more about spinning and soapmaking.

    Love the show!



  4. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Everyone,

    John G, I started a poll on the right hand side of the page with your idea. It might be a little sensitive for some people so I wanted to get a feel for what people thought.

    Hey Will, I found a great URL when I was looking up this exact thing a few months back:

    It’s called “Managing bear damage to beehives”. They have some quick facts up top, and it seems electric fences are on the top of the list. Also, it seems at least Colorado compensates beekeepers for damage to hives.

    So it seems like it’s pretty easy to do. A small electric fence could be setup easily. It’ll probably add $100-$150 to cost of a setup, but that’s not awefull.

    They are mainly concerned about black bears, I’m not sure there are many grizzly bears there are in the lower 48.

    Hey Lulu, The comment was by the podchef and he can be found at:

    Looks like he’s talking about apple pie this week, yikes. :)

    Both our commutes are about the same, around 20-25 minutes depending on if we get stuck at the traffic light. ;) Oh, and if we get stuck behind our old neighbor who drives at 40mph. We can’t pass him since there’s some hills with no passing area. :)


  5. Ellen Bloomfield’s avatar

    We defintly want to hear more about spinning and soapmaking. Mindy did a great job talking about rendering so we should be ready to hear about the use of using milk in soap.

    Also the garden wrap up was cool. We got the same cold snap and it left me with a ton of green tomatoes that neither one of us like :P

    I know things I learned from this past year:

    To be more vigilant about slugs and other pests.

    Square foot gardening is great for two people in a surburban lot.

    Heirloom tomatos are not all created equal.

    No sense in growing a vegetable that neither of you will eat, no matter how cool it looks.

    Shelties like tomatoes

    Slugs are evil

    Square foot gardening is a lot more work than portrayed in the books.


  6. Brenda’s avatar

    okay, we’ll try those links again!
    first article:


    too bad I’m not a geek; could have done a better hotlink.


  7. India’s avatar

    You’ve probably used up all your squash, but if you have any left over and fancy a slightly different taste, I made a great one with butternut squash, lemon and vanilla. It isn’t my own, it’s from a book by . It sounds like a freaky combination, but it’s great. Real simple, subtle flavours. If anyone wants the recipe, I can post it.



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