Barncast 35 — Downshifting with Matt and AJ

It’s the first podcast of October so that means it’s an interview! This week we have a rather long, but fun talk with Matt and AJ from They more from the UK to Nova Scotia to start a more simply life. We had a great time talking to them. Hopefully between the dodgy phone lines, and my inability to get the mix right you’ll understand them. We talk about:

  • New Dogs
  • Farm Phone: 206-202-GOAT
  • Jon asks what could we do but can’t
  • Life Section: What is downshifting
  • Farm Section: What’s the new farm life, and plans?
  • Geek Section: Rural Internet

Please go visit their podcast at It’s a great podcast, and they have great goals. We had a rather long talk, but I think it turned out rather well. It will be shorter next week! We promise! Please send questions to us, or call the Farm Phone (206-202-GOAT) and if there’s enough demand we can have them back.

  1. India’s avatar

    Looking forward to this week’s podcast – a synthesis of two of my favourite ‘casts. What’s this thing with your farm phone? I’m probably the last person to come to the party, but I just don’t undersatnd the whole number + goat thing!
    I live in ‘old Scotia’, fairly close to Glasgow. I spin and knit and dream of a simpler life in the islands. Sadly, dreaming is all I’ll be doing, so I’ll just need to live vicariously through your ‘casts. Best wishes, India


  2. andrew’s avatar

    Hi India!

    The farm phone is just a cute phone number, it’s +1-206-202-4628. On the phones in the US at least the digits have letters, 2 is ABC, 3 is DEF, etc. GOAT hence is 4628. It’s supposed to make it easier to remember, that’s all. It’s pretty normal over here, and everyone grumbles because they have to hunt all over the phone to find what the numbers are.

    I’m glad you enjoy the show! I hope you can understand Matt and AJ. :)


  3. John G’s avatar

    About a year ago I saw a vid of a guy in Nova Scotia who put together a wireless broadband repeater system. I’ll try to find that.

    While this was focused on Macs, it does have application for the lesser peecees.


  4. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Kate!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the interview with Matt and AJ. I had been looking forward to it for a few weeks, ever since we set it up in early September.

    Harvey’s getting settled in, he’s a great critter.

    Cheese making is on our list. While I like to say it’s simple, it can also be a bit complicated, so maybe we’ll have to start a series or something. Or maybe make some cheese, record it, and post pictures online. Lots of ideas at least!



  5. Ellen Bloomfield’s avatar

    What sorts of cheese do you usually make?


  6. Tom in Queens’s avatar

    Hi Misty and Andrew,
    Thanks for having Matt and AJ talk about their experience. It really is a relief to know that there are other gay men out there who want to pursue a higher quality of life. I’m not sure if straight folks understand this, but it really is important for gay and lesbian folk to know that there are others out their who are thinking like them. This is especially important with farming. My partner and I have been steadily working our way into farming circles for the past two years and we just met our first gay farmer two weeks ago. Now I have two farming podcasts to follow. I hope you’ll also interview a lesbian farmer in the future.

    Thanks again,


  7. misty’s avatar

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, Tom! Honestly, (speaking for myself at least), it doesn’t really enter into my mind. We both have a strong value that people are people. I don’t think I know any lesbian farmers, but would be happy to have them on the show, just like any other farmers / gardeners / homesteaders. Matt and AJ are definitely a treasure to the podcasting world and to the “downshifting” world. :)


  8. India’s avatar

    Hi Tom
    As a straight person, I was interseted in your comment. I don’t have the same issues that members of the LGBT communities have, but just finding folk who share much of the same mindset is a relief. I don’t think that I will ever realise my dream of a smallholding, but I care passionatly about the qualitity of food and animal welfare. Most folk I know think I’m nuts, whether they are straight or not!



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