Barncast 32 — Farewell to an old friend, and new beginnings

Welcome to episode 32! We’re up in the barn this week since the wind out since is picking up. It’s normally pretty windy here in the fall so I guess it must be fall time. :( This weeks topics:

  • Dedication to Rob Levin aka Lilo.
  • Farm Phone! Call in your question to 206-202-GOAT
    • Fall planting
    • Buying Honey Comb
  • The story of why we now have a bee hive
  • Breeding season. Sam the Ram, and Bonafide the Buck work for the year
  • Foot update
  • Life update
  • Apple Ice Wine

A special thank you to Dave from Chub Creek for the ID. We’ll be hearing more from him on future shows. :) Make sure to drop us an email, or call the Farm Phone at 206-202-GOAT.

Picture of the week:


  1. misty’s avatar

    Hi Charles,

    That’s what I was training for before all these foot issues came up. I keep my health-related blog at and I was keeping track of the training there and at I’m really frustrated that it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to run it now. :(


  2. andrew’s avatar

    Thanks for the commentary John G. Both Misty and I like a variety of wines, it’s too bad to hear you have a low opinion of Canadian ice wines. Based on the world wide awards they have won it seems other wine snobs don’t hold them in such low regard.




  3. misty’s avatar

    I hope so, Carry! Both boys are currently very happy doing their job. :)


  4. John G’s avatar


    I do not have a low opinion, de facto, of Canadian ice wines. I only have a low opinion of sweet wines. If the Canadian ice wines are sweet, I would be skeptical, but would not dismiss them out of hand (or lips). If they are like the German ice wines, then they can be sweet at the front of the palate but drier at the back, and thus pass the test. In essence, I am very “pro” Canadian anything. When I played hockey, I always used CCM equipment, eh?


  5. misty’s avatar

    Here’s an interesting Wiki article about ice wine. It’s not your typical dessert wine.


  6. John G’s avatar

    Excellent wiki article. As a wine fermenter since the age of 14, enamoured with the Elton John song “Elderberry Wine”, where I immediately brewed a batch and have brewed ever since, I “must” say that misty has provided a very good reference to the distinctions between sweet wines and good wines, and why that is important.

    For the record, I also brew beer, in the IPA style with high hop content but relatively low (for IPA) alcohol. I much prefer the hops to the alcohol (but enjoy some alcohol nonetheless).

    How were the peppers?


  7. Scott’s avatar

    Damn :( I just found out about Rob…. What a bummer… I knew him for about 6 years and met him about 4 years ago while I was down visiting my brother in Houston.

    As for ice wine…. YUMMY !! I live in ice wine country where the best is made in Kelowna, BC and Yakima, Washington.

    Everyone should taste it once in there life time.


  8. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Scott! Ltns! I hope everything is going well. Rob’s passing is really sad.

    I’ve visited the Okanagon a lot as a kid. It’s a great part of BC. If only I could find a job out there. Hmm. :) Also it’s one of the fastest growing cities, and in the top 5 for house prices. =)

    John G! The peppers were great! I did them in a “stir fry” one night with just peppers and onions and that was great. I used them in the next night in a goulash. Thank you very much, that made up for the total failure of our peppers this year. How’s your winter squash doing btw? We have, ahem, a few. :)


  9. Charles’s avatar

    That’s ironic! I didn’t realize that you were training for the WW Half. I guess I need to listen more closely! :) I’ll be running it so I’ll let you know how it goes.



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