Barncast 31 — Dehydration!

We’re back in the barn this week, and it’s rather quiet out. It’s a good show and we cover a good set of topics. The Farm Phone was really lit up this week, and we have great feedback, and Tom answer a bee question. The topics this week:

  • John G’s Bee question
  • NCN Leaves feedback. Check out his podcast:
  • Running feedback
  • Geek Stuff, microphone pre amp. Blog entries: Andrew’s Blog
  • Dehydration, and food storage
  • Fiber, dyeing, and taking a week off

We want your feedback! The Farm Phone is: 206-202-GOAT, give us a call, ask a question! It’s that simple. Email us at, or leave a comment.

This week’s picture of the week:


More pictures in the full post.

Misty Dawn:


iPod Cow:

iopd cow

  1. Kay’s avatar

    Just found your podcast — love it!!! I’m a midwest native transplated to the Pacific NW whose living on 5 acres. Attempting to do the same thing you all are. Keep up the good work! I’ll be a faithful listener.


  2. misty’s avatar

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, Kay! I’ll be sure to check out your website too. :)


  3. John G’s avatar

    Hi kids!

    Organinzing the freezer and pantry: Your comments about getting the freezer rotated and taking inventory is a good idea. It sounds like you are going to keep records on what goes in and out of the freezer and pantry. I wonder how long THAT will continue.

    Misty: even guys appreciate hearing about your crafting. That should be a rotating segment of the show, and you can go into greater depth about what you are doing, how, and why. For instance, some people would be interested in learning a little more about the dyeing process, the necessity to clean the wool, the use of a mordant to give the fibers the ability to have the dyes chemically bond with them, and so on.

    Similarly, Andrew’s flying experiences could be a rotating segment: what was the training experience like, how he got into it, more detailed description of his aircraft, perhaps a sound-seeing tour during a flyover of the farm. Just some ideas.

    Next weekend there is an Irish festival in Indy where there are loads of craftspeople displaying and talking about their work. Ifn y’all get yer chores done, you should head down to the big city. They have a sheep herding demonstration where the border collies get the sheep to follow a certain course. You guys could use a little getaway, I’ll bet.


  4. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Kay! Welcome to GFL. Man I like the Pacific NW, well maybe too much rain depending where you are at.

    Hey John G. That’s a great idea for the Life section. Anyone else have any thoughts?

    That Irish festival looks good. I’m not sure I like the idea of driving 2 hours into Indy. I’m not a big on driving 4-5hour in a day. We’ll see, it might b fun though.



  5. Jen’s avatar

    I really appreciate the craft talk because I just started knitting and I like to hear about other people’s knitting projects. I’d love to hear more about that in the life segments.


  6. Brenda’s avatar

    Great pick for your dehydrator! Here is a book that I found very helpful. You might be able to borrow from the library.

    that’s Mary Bell’s Complete Dehydrator Cookbook incase my link is goofed up.
    I make fruit roll-ups with my preschool kids each year, with some of the applesauce we also make. (wonder if you could use pear-sauce?) My favorite is strawberry rhubarb, made with mostly applesauce and a bit of strawberry jello and cooked rhubarb. Tangy and sweet.
    We usually put our over sweet pears in with our tart nearly wild apples when we press cider, if they are ready at the same time. Our pear trees are overloaded also.
    I like knitting content. I’m making little socks and wool soakers for my new baby grandson right now.
    Haven’t commented lately but have been listening. Thanks for your regular updates and news.


  7. Lurker’s avatar

    Very enjoyable show.

    The food talk makes me envious, as I sit here choking down a tasteless store-bought baby carrot.

    How about a show /segment on cheese? Mmmmmm, goat’s milk cheese.

    Sound on the last show was great.

    Thanks for doing the podcast.


  8. Ana’s avatar

    Hey, this is totally unrelated to today’s show, but I wanted to send you a link I just found about clay pot irrigation. Apparently, 10 times more water efficient than drip. I’ve never heard of it before, so I thought you might like it.


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