Barncast 30 — Bzzzzcast 2, Tom Lives!

What a great show this week! We have Tom the bee keeper back to answer some of your questions. The show is extra long, but over all we spend about 40 minutes talking about bees, and every minute is worth it. What a great animal! This weeks list:

  • What’s that sound?
  • Answered by Ron from Griddlecakes Radio”
  • Favorite Rabbit Recipe
  • Round up, yellow carrots, etc
  • Bees, and more bees
  • Running
  • School bus
  • Weather, rain, sun

Please call in your questions to the Farm Phone!!! 206-202-GOAT! We really want to answer your questions on the Farm Phone. If you aren’t up to calling please leave a comment or email us at

Picture of the week:


Rabbit BBQ:

Salt and pepper on the outside of the rabbit, or use BBQ sauce. Put on indirect heat on the BBQ for 20mins, then flip for 20mins more. Internal temperature should be about 150f. Any warmer than 160f and the meat will be dry. Remove from the BBQ and let rest for 5-10mins.

If the sauce has lots of sugar then don’t put it one before you put it on the grill. Put it one once you flip the rabbit over, or it may tend to burn.

  1. Ana’s avatar

    Hey guys,

    For Toms carrots, I wanted to recommend: pvc pipe. I read somewhere that it’s also a great way to grow daikon (japanese radish).

    I haven’t forgotten about the farm phone either– I’m just lazy.


  2. John G’s avatar

    Loved the show on the bees! (But you didn’t use the question I called in).

    Let me call your attention to, “The Official Website of the Indiana State Beekeepers Association”. I am sure every state and province (eh?) has a similar service, and I might expect that one ought to consult with the local group rather than relying on information from another state.

    In addition, the Indiana 4-H has the following:

    The 4-H beekeeping manuals are available online only. We made minor revisions to Divisions 1 and 2 earlier this year. The Division 3 manual, Advanced Methods, has been rewritten and now includes information that Dr. Greg Hunt, Purdue?s Bee Specialist, uses in adult workshops. Consequently, both youth and adults may find this publication useful. Topics that have been incorporated include:

    * Managing honey bee colonies
    * Taking care of your queens
    * Seasonal management
    * Colony troubleshooting
    * Short guide to using honey bees in pollination

    The beekeeping manuals are online at:, enter ?beekeeping? and click on Search.

    – Natalie Carroll

    NOTE: These manuals are FREE pdf downloads.

    Just to reference the books mentioned:
    Langstroth’s Hive and the Honey-Bee: The Classicbeekeeper’s Manual (Paperback)
    by L. L. Langstroth
    Dover, 2004

    Beekeeping for Dummies (Paperback)by Howland Blackiston
    # Publisher: For Dummies (March 1, 2002)
    # ISBN: 0764554190

    Hope this helps!


  3. misty’s avatar

    Thanks Ana! And no rush on the farm phone. :)

    John, thanks for all your resources! We will be sure to check into all of them. And I think Andrew is saving your question for next week. :)


  4. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Ana! I look forward to your Farm Phone call! Don’t make put out another plea for calls! ;) The PVC pipe seems like a great idea!

    Thanks for all the links John G. I forwarded your Farm Phone call to Tom, so hopefully we’ll have an answer for next weeks show.


  5. Joy Wandrey’s avatar

    Love the shows, keep them coming! You guys remind me of the time i spent (in southern IN) living in a tipi for six months, then in a trailer, taking care of animals the whole time and trying to garden in clay soil that was only good for tobacco! That was both the best and worst year of my life (a very long story), but through listening to you both I am coming to the space where I can enjoy the good parts and leave the rest. thanks for the help! Keep up the good work! Misty your spinning looks great, and how come there’s not a pic of the sweater on it’s person? That’s the first thing I have to do you know, make the person put it on! So, pictures please? btw, the sweater looks just like i thought it would from your description!
    I’m slowly catching up, I’m up to about #24 now, and loved the drive in section…there aren’t any near the Dallas/Fort Worth TX area at all and we used to go all the time as kids. I grew up in Greenwood, IN and we had a drive-in in town. It was awesome, just like you all!


  6. Shelly’s avatar

    Hey all- I have been so busy I hadn’t had a chance to listen lately! Anyhow I am catching up here.
    Loved listening to this episode! My Dad has had bee’s for several years- and he has 3/4 a acre lot, with a swimming pool in it and the bees too. We swim there alot – and have not had much of a problem with bee’s and the pool. We often set out frisbees full of water so the bee’s leave us alone if its warm. Only time we have had problems – is when its humid and Dad has messed with the hives. Seems to upset the poor girls enough that at times they “claim” the deck and pool area.
    Such fun. You two always make me wish for a farm or land – living in a city lot is not always fun.
    Have a great week!



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