Barncast 25 — Six Months in Review

This weeks show is a change from the normal, we look back at the last 6 months and the changes on the farm.

  • Pick your own link from Teri
  • Def’s cool site
  • Geek Section: Where we thought we were going, and internet
  • Farm Section: Kids, lambs, fencing, and the garden
  • Life Section: Travels, friends, etc

I hope everyone enjoys the change this week. If not, we’ll be back to our normal shows next week.

  1. Donna K.’s avatar

    Happy 25th!! I look forward to Sundays because I get to you guys…your so entertaining…plus you bring back memories of my childhood on the farm.

    Misty will you be attending the MI Fiber Festival which is coming up in August? Three of your loyal listeners from So. IN will be driving up. If your there we would love to meet up with you.


  2. John G’s avatar

    This was a good idea to recapitulate the previous score and four shows.


  3. andrew’s avatar

    Thank JohnG!

    Hey DonnaK, I asked Misty if she planned on going and she isn’t. She’s out of vacation for the year so she’s stuck here. :( I suggested she should try and hop a ride with you guys since you’ll be passing right by us but she brought up the lack of vacation time again. She’s picky that way. ;)




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